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  • Game Disc
  • 4 Peg Pawns
  • 72 Letter Tiles
  • Red Word Marker
  • Storage Bag for Tiles
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Create words to gain points, and use as many of your opponents' letters as you can to cause them to lose points!


Set the Game Disc out in the middle of the playing area. Attach the Red Word Marker by clicking it into place along the bottom ridge.

Place all of the Letter Tiles in the Storage Bag and shake it up!

Randomly remove 24 Letter Tiles and place them face up in the center of the Game Disc.

Each player chooses a color Peg Pawn and places it in the first hole of their color path (the far left hole) on the Game Disc.

Game Play

  • The youngest player goes first, using Letter Tiles from the center of the Game Disc to spell a word. Place the Letter Tiles along the outer circle of the Game Disc. For the first word, start wherever you like.

  • Move your Peg Pawn forward the same number of spaces as number of Letter Tiles you used to spell your word. For example, if you spelled BAG, move ahead three.

  • For every one of their letters you use, they lose a point. You get a point for every letter in your word.

  • Randomly draw Letter Tiles to replace those you took from the center.

  • The next player to the right now spells a word using at least one of the letters from the previous player's word. Move the red marker to show where you plan to start your word.

For example, if the previous player spelled BAG, depending on what letters you have to choose from, you could use the G to spell GOOD, or the AG to spell AGAIN, or you could use all letters BAG to spell BAGEL.

Just adding an S to a word is frowned upon-there's no real fun in that! Unless, of course, it was available to the previous player and they overlooked it! So, watch out for those S's!

  • However many letters you used in your word (not just the new tiles), move ahead that many spaces. For example, if you spelled AGAIN, move ahead five.

  • The previous player must move backward the same number of spaces as letters you used from their word. For example, if you used the AG from their word, they move back two.

  • Play moves to the right and continues as players spell using the previous word's letters (from the red marker on).

  • If you make it all around the Game Disc, simply start removing Letter Tiles and adding them back to the bag.

Acceptable Words

Any word that can be found in a standard English dictionary is allowable.

Types of words that are not allowed are abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes. Proper nouns (words spelled with a capital) are not allowed. Any word requiring an apostrophe or hyphen is not allowed.

Foreign words are allowed only if they are found in the dictionary, meaning they are used regularly in the English language.

End of the Game

The first player to move their Peg Pawn to the other end of their color path, scoring 20 points, wins!

Tactical Tip

You may want to think ahead when spelling your word...maybe spell something that has a letter(s) at the end that makes it more difficult for the next player to take points from you. One way to do this is to pluralize words when you can!


Your Full Circle game comes with this letter distributions: A=5, B=3, C=3, D-3, E=5, F=3, G=3, H=3,1=5, J=1, K=1, L=3, M=3, N=3, 0=5, P=3, Q=1, R=3, S=5, T=3, U=3, V=1, W=1,X=1,Y=1,Z=1

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