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Being a good fugitive requires taking risks. The mar­shal must methodically search and deduce where the fugitive might be. Here are a few strategies and tips for each side.

Fugitive Strategies

  • You don't always have to play a hideout. some­ times it's best to wait for better cards.

  • You may sprint to your first hideouts.

  • Sprinting too often as the fugitive can use up too many cards, often making you wait for a good draw.

  • You can bluff by playing unnecessary sprint cards, but don't bluff too often. It may keep the marshal guessing, but it can also make you run out of cards quickly.

  • Drawing from a higher pile than you need can throw off the marshal and help you later in the game.

  • Playing a hideout number that the marshal just guessed can be smart: she's unlikely to guess it again.

Marshal Strategies

  • Take notes with the marker on the notepad to remember what you've guessed.

  • When guessing a hideout with two sprint cards, there is a 50% chance the total sprint value is +3.

  • Don't guess more than one hideout very often. It can leave you further behind instead of catching up. However, if you are certain about one hideout, it can be useful to guess it along with another number.

  • Sometimes drawing exclusively from a higher pile can create a "roadblock" that is harder for the fugitive to get around.

  • Jumping ahead and guessing a higher hideout can reveal sprint cards that help guess the hide­ outs before it. sometimes you can "count" back­ wards with the revealed sprint cards to determine the hideout immediately before it.

  • Pay attention to the cards the fugitive looks at when checking a guess. Watch which pile he draws from. information is everywhere.

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