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  • 400 unique, hilarious cards.
  • Loud, "easy button" style timer.
  • Rules/Instruction booklet

Object of the Game

Every time a player gets their teammates to guess the word on a card, that team keeps that card.

But when their team doesn't guess the word on the card, and the timer goes off, that poor undiscovered card goes into the "dead cards" pile.

To win the game, you must be the first team to collect 21 cards.


Divide into teams with a minimum of two players on each team. Alternate players around a circle so that each player is seated next to a member of the other team. The play moves counter-clockwise.

Game Play

The game begins by starting the timer and then drawing a card from the deck. The person who drew the card from the deck must now get his or her team to guess the word on the card.

Once the team guesses the card, the play immediately moves to a player from the other team. When the timer goes off the guessing team puts the card into the "dead cards" pile. The timer is started and a new round begins.

What you Can't Do :

  • You can't say the word on the card.

  • You can't say things like "it rhymes with" or "it sounds like". For example, if the word on the card is (doobie) you can't say to your team "it sounds like boobie but with a d"

  • You can't point to something. For example, if the word is (boobie) you can't point to the girl's boobie next to you.

  • You can't act something out. For example, if the word is (hump) you're not allowed to hump someone, well kind of.

    If you want to hump someone while you play by all means go ahead (with consent), but you're not allowed to if the word on your card is (hump). Make sense?

Note: If you break any of these rules, you lose your turn,the card goes to the dead pile, the play then goes to the other team and the timer should then be reset, beginning a new round.

What you Can Do :

You can use any word that comes to mind that you think will help your teammates guess the word on your card.

Other Rules

You can NOT pick up and look at the card before it is your turn or before the timer is started.

You can NOT skip a card unless you are willing to sacrifice one of the cards your team has already collected. If your team has not collected any cards yet then there is NO way to skip a card. Suck it up - keep trying till the timer runs out!


After the person gets his or her team to guess their word, the play moves counterclockwise to the next team.

As soon as one team finishes, the next team can begin immediately (the other team should be paying attention so they are ready to go).

This continues rotating back and forth until the time on the timer runs out.

End of the Game

The first team to collect 21 cards, wins!

If the game results in a draw, it becomes sudden death, and the game proceeds with one more round. The team with the greater number of cards at the end of the round, wins.

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