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They Say That In The Very Heart Of The Mountains Of The Sultanate Of Naqala, There Lives A Tribe That Rarely Appears In The Bazaars And Markets In Town. They Call Themselves The Artisans, And Work Day And Night Crafting Precious Items, Inlaid With Rare Gems. Some Travellers Claim That The Artisans Are Able To Craft Unique Artifacts, Filled With Magic And Mystery.

With "the Artisans Of Naqala", A New Tribe Appears In The Game! Use Artisans And Their Items To Achieve Victory Over Your Opponents And Take Control Of The Sultanate!


  • 6 Tiles (3 Workshops, 2 Specialized Markets & 1 Chasm)
  • 15 Wooden Tribe Meeples
  • 4 Tents
  • 4 Djinn cards
  • 6 Mountains
  • 18 Item Markers
  • 1 New Scoring Pad
  • 4 Summary Sheets

If you're one of our early birds, your copy of Five Tribes came with Slave cards. These were replaced with Fakir cards in the latest version of the game. If you do not own Fakir cards, each time you encounter a Fakir symbol, use your Slave cards instead.


Players receive their Camels, Turn Marker, and Gold Coins as usual. Also, each player receives a Tent in their color.

Take 10 Tiles from the Five Tribes base game at random, then add the 6 new Tiles (WORKSHOPS, Specialized Markets and Chasm). Shuffle the 16 Tiles and place them at random on the table, forming a square (4x4 Tiles).

Shuffle the 20 remaining tiles and place them at random around the 16 central Tiles. In the end, you should have a square of 6x6 tiles.

Tip: Because of the new mountains, orientation matters! Make sure you use the same orientation for all Tiles. Also, if a Tile is entirely surrounded by mountains, re- start the setup, as all Tiles must remain accessible.

Place the Mountains on the Work- shop Tiles. Place the purple Meeples in the bag and follow the standard set- up process, placing 3 Meeples on each Tile, except the Chasm which remains empty.

Shuffle the Item Markers and stack them up face down next to the board.

Bid Order & Turn Order Tracks, Resource cards, Djinn cards (don't forget the new ones!), Gold Coins, Palm Trees, and Palaces are placed according to the usual set-up.

Each Workshop receives two Mountains.

Game Play

This booklet explains how to play with the new game elements of Five Tribes.

Other rules remain unchanged.

Tile Control Check

At game start, each player receives a Tent in addition to their Camels. When you take control of a Tile, you can place a Camel on it (as usual), but you can instead choose to place your Tent on it.

At the end of the game, your Tent scores the VPS on this tile + 1 VP per each surrounding Red valued tile, including the Tile where it stands, if it is also Red valued.

Tents acts as Camels in every aspect, which means that every time that Rules mention "Camels", it also applies to Tents. As a consequence, running out of Camels no longer triggers the end of the game: you need to place all your Camels AND your Tent to trigger game end.

This Tent allows this player to score 8+4=12 VP at game end.

New Tribe Action

Purple Artisans Tribe

Place all the Purple Meeples you just collected in front of you and take a matching number of Item Markers from the pile. Choose one of them, keep it face down before you, and discard the others face up. Each Item will be worth some VPS at Game End, except for Magic Items that have a special eect.

At the end of the game, each Artisan gives you 3 VPS if no other player has more Artisans than you; otherwise you score only 2 VPS per Artisan.

Artisans can also be spent in the Workshops during the game to acquire more Items (see below).

Note: As with Viziers or Elders, Artisans may be killed by Assassins, either on the board or when in front of you!

New Tile Actions

These new Tile Actions are not compulsory: You can take these actions if you wish, provided you are able, and willing, to pay its corresponding costs.


Pay either 1 Artisan OR 2 Fakirs to take the rst Item of the Item pile.

Each Workshop Tile also has two Mountains. Mountains are impassable: each time Meeples are moved on the board, they cannot pass from one Tile to another if there is a Mountain between the Tiles.

Note: Mountains only affects Meeple movement. They are ignored when calculating the range of an Assassin action or counting the surrounding Blue valued tiles (BUILDERS) or Red valued tiles (TENTS).

Specialized Market

Pay 4 Gold Coins and pick any Resource card of your choice from the row of Resource cards. As always, do not replace it until the end of the round!


The Chasm is a forbidden, impassable Tile.

There can never be any Meeple on it, neither during setup, nor during gameplay.


There are two types of Items in the pile: Precious Items and Magic Items.

Precious Items

These Items have no particular effect. Each of them is worth some VPS that you will reveal and score at the end of the game.

Magic Items

Magic Items are unique. A Magic Item can be played at any time during your turn (even right after you took it) and it is discarded once played. You cannot play more than one Magic Item per turn.

The Burning Scimitar

Remove two Meeples of any color(s) from a Tile of your choice. If you completely empty a new Tile out of ALL its Meeples, and if it is not already owned by an opponent, you immediately gain control of that Tile: place one of your Camels on it to show your ownership.

The Fabulous Lamp

Take a Djinn among the available ones, or reveal and take the first Djinn of the Djinn deck.

The Enchanting Flute

Select a Tile. You can move up to 5 meeples of any color(s), from any adjacent Tile(_), onto this Tile. This does not allow to you to take control of these Tiles.

The Flying Carpet

When performing the "Move Meeples" phase, you may drop the last Meeple on any Tile of the board (except the one where you dropped the second to last Meeple). You must still respect the Last Meeple Same Color rule. The Flying Carpet also allows to ignore Mountains.

The Rebirth Ring

Choose one Item in the discard pile (PRECIOUS or Magic) and keep it.

The Tempest Talisman

Move any one of your Camels to any other Tile without a Camel.

The Horn Of Plenty

Refill the row of Resource cards to 9 cards, then re-organize these cards in the order of your choice.

New Djinns

New Djinns are added to the Djinn deck at game start. Some old Djinns have been updated for this expansion (see below).


(new version) Kandic ha (new version)

Your Elders, Viziers and Artisans are protected from Assassins.


At game end, each of your Precious Items is worth 3 extra VPS.


At game end, each of your Artisans is worth 2 extra VPS.


Each time your Assassins kill a:

Merchant - draw the first Resource card from the row of Resources.

Builder - take the GCS that Builder would have taken.

Artisan - place it in front of you and take the first Item from the Item pile.

Vizier or Elder - place it in front of you instead of killing it.

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