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  • Game board
  • Plastic bed
  • 24 Monkeys
  • 20 Punch out tokens
  • Spinner card with spinner
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

To be the first player to collect all 4 action tokens and have 4 or more monkeys on the bed.


  • Punch out the tokens and position them beside the game board so all of the tokens are visible.

  • Place the spinner arrow and the base into the spinner card.

  • Position the bed onto the game board. The bed feet should go into the 4 holes on the game board.

  • Gently push down the center of bed (yellow section) until it locks into place. The yellow section and the side panels of the bed will be even.

  • Separate the monkeys by color and have each player choose a set of monkeys.

Game Play

All players place one of their monkeys onto the START space.

Note: This monkey will act as a moving piece on the game board throughout the game.

Players place their remaining 5 monkeys in front of themselves.

The youngest player goes first and places one of his/her monkeys onto the bed. The player then spins the spinner and moves to the right the correct number of spaces.

Action Spaces

Players act out the action on the space they land on, place a monkey on the bed and collect a token with the image of the action completed: "Take a Bath", "Brush Teeth", "Put on PJs" and "Go to Bed".

  • Take a Bath

    Players act out taking a bath.

  • Put on Pjs

    Players act out putting on their PJs.

  • Brush Teeth

    Players act out brushing their teeth.

  • Go to Bed

    Players act out going to bed.

Note: If a player lands on an action space a second time, no token is taken but the player still gets to act out the action.

Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Spaces

Players place the specified number of monkeys onto the bed if landing on one of these spaces:

Note: If a player lands on a monkey space and does not have the specified number of monkeys, the player will place all remaining monkeys on the bed.

For example, if a player lands on place 3 monkeys on the bed but only has 2 monkeys, the player will place his/her 2 remaining monkeys onto the bed.

Pressing the Red Bedpost

This is important-after each turn...

After completing the action or placing the correct number of monkeys on the bed, the player pushes the RED colored bedpost down ONE time.

  • Watch Out! Sometimes pushing the bedpost will cause the bed to shake. Then the bed will pop up and knock some of the monkeys off the bed.

  • Any monkeys knocked off the bed onto the game board, must be returned to their original player.

  • All monkeys that fall over BUT remain on the bed may be picked up and placed upright on the bed again.

Note: Don't forget to push down the yellow section of the bed after each time it pops up.

Play moves to the left.

Every time a player passes the START space he/she may place one monkey onto the bed.

The game ends when the player collects all 4 tokens (one of each of the four actions "Take a Bath", "Brush Teeth", "Put on PJs" and "Go to Bed").

End of the Game

The first player with all 4 tokens and 4 or more monkeys on the bed, wins the game.

If two or more players have all 4 tokens and have the same number of monkeys on the bed, all players are declared winners.

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