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Rating: 7.3 Good
Players: 3-5 players
Playing time: 45-2 minutes

Created by: Dan Kramer (II), Fernando Olmedo, Juliana Ouyang

Published by: Biplane Games


You're all that stands against a legislative agenda that promises to up-end Democracy as you know it...

Work together and help each other use the most powerful tool you have to block upcoming policy votes - the Filibuster!

Filibuster is a semi-cooperative game for 3-5 players acting as Senators in the minority trying to stop a series of policies from passing by utilizing the Filibuster.

Major game play mechanics include hand management, press your luck, voting and trading, negotiation, and take that!

The game is played over seven rounds, with each round consisting of an election phase to determine the group's leader, and a filibuster phase to block the policy revealed that round.

The leader is responsible for increasing the filibuster time to meet or exceed the minimum number of hours required to successfully block the policy. They also interact with the Time Deck, which is full of events that affect the players and will typically cause the end of the round.

Non-leader players during a round act as supporting Senators that play assists and pass cards to the leader to help effectively block the policy and meet the Filibuster requirements for the round.

If at any time the players fail to block 4 policies, everyone loses! If all 7 rounds are completed and at least 4 policies have been successfully blocked, the Senator who earned the most influence (rewarded based on performance while leading a filibuster, as well as playing assists and passing cards) is the true winner!

So, be sure to work with your colleagues to prevent too many policies from passing through... but always look for ways to help yourself a little more than your fellow Senators so that you come out on top!

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