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The game is the same as for 3-5 players except for the following changes.


Each player takes 2 screens.

Game Play

1. Distribute Glass Beads

At the beginning of each round, each player takes a complete set of glass beads: 6 green, 5 red, 4 yellow, and 3 blue, placing them behind one of his screens to hide them from the other player.

In the first round only, place a normal set of glass beads (5 green, 4 red, 3 yellow, and 2 blue) as a supply in the middle of the table and place all remaining glass beads back in the box - they will not be needed in this game.

2. Determine Exchange Conditions

No change

3. Determine Goal Conditions

After th e goal cards are placed in the normal way, each player secretly moves4 glass beads fro m behind their screen with beads to behind their other screen. These beads are not used in the exchange nor do they participate in the distribution of shrunken heads.

4. The Exchange

No change

5. Distribute Shrunken Heads

The players analyze the goal cards in the normal way, but only individually, not as a group. The player who wins the first goal card takes 4 shrunken heads. The players who wins the second goal card takes 3 shrunken heads.

The player who wins the third goal card takes 2 shrunken heads, and the player who wins the fourth goal card take s 1 shrunken head. If there is a tie for a goal card, neither player takes shrunken heads for that card.

End of the Game

After 4 rounds, the player who has collected the most shrunken heads leaves the island and is the winner of the game! If players tie with the most heads, they rejoice in their shared victory.

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