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  • 400 game cards
  • Two 6-sided dice
  • Instructions

Basic Game

Object of the Game

To be the first to collect 5 cards by identifying images and correctly answering questions about the images.


Deal out 12 cards from one of the decks onto the game board in a 4x3 grid. Place extra cards on the "draw pile" space.Choose a player to go first.

Game Play

  1. Roll the Dice

    When it is your turn, you must roll both of the dice.

    • The colored die indicates the color of card you must choose.
    • The numbered die indicates which type of question you must answer.
  2. Identify an Image

    Select a card whose color matches the color showing on the die.

    1. Point to the image you chose and guess the name of the object or symbol shown on the front of the card. The description at the bottom of the image provides a hint as to what is to be identified.

    2. The person to your right picks up the card and confirms whether your guess is correct. If your guess is incorrect, your turn is over, the card is discarded and a new one is drawn to replace it on the grid.

  3. Answer a Trivia Question

    If you correctly identify the image, the person to your right then reads the question corresponding to the number showing on the die.

    • If your answer is incorrect, the card is discarded.
    • If your answer is correct, you get to keep that card.

Either way, draw a new card and place it into the vacant space on the grid.

Play passes to the player on your left.

End of the Game

The first player to collect 5 cards wins!

Playing With Younger Players?

Rather than using the dice, you may choose to allow younger players to select any image from the grid and answer any one of the three questions on the card.

Eye Know Classic

(with Betting Chips)

Betting Chips are not included in this game. To play with these rules you will need to supply your own betting chips (or keep score on paper).

Object of the Game

To collect more chips than your opponents.


Arrange 12 cards in a 4x3 grid on the game board. Place extra cards on the "draw pile" space. Hand out five chips to each player. Choose a player to go first.

Game Play

  1. Identify an Image

    When it is your turn, you choose any one of the 12 images on the grid

    Select an image that you believe you can identify correctly by pointing to the card and making a guess.

    The person to your right picks up the card and confirms if you are right.

    If you correctly identified the image you receive one chip and have earned the right to play the trivia question to earn more chips. If your guess was incorrect your turn is over and the card is discarded

  2. Answer a Question

    When you correctly identify an image, you earn the right to play one of the three trivia questions about that image and earn more chips by betting on what you know about that topic,

    1. Begin by placing a bet of at least one chip, up to a maximum of 5 chips,

    2. You must then choose which level of trivia question to attempt to answer. See the "YOUR BET" chart for a description of the payoff you can earn at each level,

    3. Another player then reads the chosen question from the back of the card. If you answer correctly, you get your bet back and the banker awards chips to you as indicated in the table. If your answer is incorrect, you lose your bet and gets put back into the bank.

    Your bet pays:

  3. Whether or not the question is answered correctly, the player who identified the image keeps that card.

  4. Draw a new card and place it into the vacant space on the grid.

  5. Play passes to the player on your left. Keep playing until each player has had five turns.

Cashing in Card Sets

When all players have had five turns, they may earn additional chips by cashing in sets formed by the colors of the cards they earned.

Players must choose how to divide their cards into a set to earn the best score. No card may be used in more than one set.

End of the Game

Once each player has played five turns, and all players have had a chance to cash in their sets, the player with the most chips wins the game.

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