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Recruit Draft

At the beginning of the game, draft recruits instead of drawing 4 and keeping 2. Deal 4 cards to each player, pick one, and pass the rest. Do the same until you're out of cards, then pick your 2 recruits and discard the rest.

Doubles House Rule

If you begin your turn with more than 1 available worker of the same knowledge, in order to place more than 1 of those workers on the same turn, you must lose 1 morale for each worker you place beyond the first before you place it.

Market Draft

This is highly recommended after you've played Euphoria a few times. At the beginning of the game, deal 2 markets to each player and place the rest aside. Each player chooses 1 market to include in the game and place it face-down on the table. Remove the other market from the game. When all players have made their selection, add additional markets from the markets you set aside after dealing so there are 6 total markets for the game. Shuffle and place them on the board.

Morale and Knowledge Draft

The oldest player places his morale or knowledge marker (but not both) on any space on the morale or knowledge chart. Then, proceeding clockwise around the table, each player places a morale or knowledge marker on an empty space on the chart (only empty spaces are available for this draft). Continue in this manner up to the last player, who places both of his tokens.

Then, counterclockwise from the last player, all players place their remaining tokens.

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