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Focus on one faction's area on the board when teaching/learning Euphoria to reduce the amount of initial information.

Basic Theme

You're a low-level manager in a dystopia, and you're trying to use your workers to take over. Workers are dice, and the numbers on those dice represents their knowledge. Because it's a dystopia, you want your workers to be dumb and happy.

Win Condition

Place all 10 of your authority stars on the board or on your cards, and you win.

Turn Options

You either place one worker (two if you have a pair-this counts as two separate turns in a row) or remove any/all workers from the board. When you place a worker, you immediately pay the cost and receive the benefit.

Overarching Iconology

Costs are in grey squares and benefits and benefits are in white circles.

Types of Action Spaces

The big box on the commodity areas (multi-use), the dotted line square with an arrow on the tunnels and markets (temporary use), and the solid line box on the construction sites.

First Turn

Spend your first turn placing one worker on a commodity area and taking the corresponding benefit.

Goal for Your First Few Turns

Focus on your active recruit card for the first several turns. This will give you a short-term goal to focus on while you're getting the hang of the game.

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