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In the Solitaire Game, play for a total of 8 rounds and attempt to get the highest score you can.

Tip: Use the wood track of an unused player board to track the number of rounds remaining.

Place an extra peg in the "8" hole and move it back after the last step of each round. When you get to the last hole on the wood track, you will know you've taken 8 rounds and the game is over.


Return 1 longhouse, 2 keeps and all tracking tokens to the game box. Use all remaining structures and dice in the game. Build your starting domain as you normally do in multi-player games but start with 3 scorched areas.

All rules of the basic game apply with the following modifications:

Game Play

For the most part, play is the same, except that you'll roll 3 dice for an imaginary player - let's call him Sir Philippe - and the treachery and attack disasters that your dice show will always affect you (instead of opponents).


After rolling your dice (up to three times), roll 2 gray dice and 1 yellow die for Sir Philippe. Roll them only once at the end of each Roll step (but before resolving your feathers). Set them aside until the Extort step.


Unlike multi-player games, when the treachery or attack disasters occur, they affect you instead of your opponents. (The skulls shown on Sir Philippe's dice do not affect you and are not counted).


All the dice in the game are available (through building the corresponding structures) except for those returning to the game box during setup.


Compare swords and shields you rolled with those on Sir Philippe's dice.

The "player" with the most swords extorts 1 resource from the other as usual. (Resources lost to Sir Philippe are simply removed from your resource track). Choose from the resources shown on Sir Philippe's dice when you extort from him.

If his dice don't show any resources, you don't get any. When Sir Philippe takes a resource from you, he prefers trade goods, then stone, then wood, then food. If you can't give him a resource or refuse to, advance your disaster peg twice instead.

End of the Game

After you complete 8 rounds, tally your score and compare it to the chart.

Be sure to score the Most Culture bonus (you must have at least 1 culture) and the Most Walled Area bonus (if you have an enclosed area in your domain).

How did you rank? Try to beat your best score each time you play.

< 45SerfA poor showing. Keep working the soil.
+45-64PeasantA fair start. At least you have your freedom.
+65-79MerchantA good deal. Can you barter up?
+80-89KnightAn excellent joust. Will you fare better at your next tournament?
+90-94NobleA majestic performance!
+95-99MonarchA kingly achievement!
100+PopeYour dice were surely blessed.

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