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Buildings By Level

You begin the game with the Colonial House, which will help you start your campaign to control local cities.

The Market is the basic card-drawing building in the game, and will be useful from beginning to end.

A Shipyard built early in the game will allow you to start shipping to other regions while providing a cultural boost.

The Workshop gives your empire a strong early boost in its industrial ability, opening up new building options.

Building a Bank will boost your financial score and help your workforce to rotate smoothly.

A Barracks is the key to early dominance of cities, especially in the important starting region.

The Guild Hall offers interesting flexibility between shipping to regions and drawing from them.

Docks are a good step up from a Shipyard, as they allow you to both Ship and Occupy in the same turn.

A Fortress will give you a small political gain, and lets you Occupy empty cities or Attack occupied ones.

Building a Theater will provide a great cultural increase to your empire that will attract population.

A Cartographer will provide you with the nautical knowledge to perform two Ship actions on one turn.

Building a Trade Office improves upon the Market by letting you Draw twice from a region in a single turn

A University contributes to the glory of your empire, scoring valuable points at the end of the game.

The Exchange improves your finances and also lets you perform Payments on other buildings.

Building a Museum will be a cultural boost for you, and will let you perform Payments on other buildings.

A strong Parliament grants good political power, and lets you perform Payments on other buildings.

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