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Delayed Investigators

Investigators can become Delayed by various effects. A Delayed investigator cannot perform actions.

When an investigator becomes Delayed, he tips his Investigator token on its side to remember that he is Delayed. Instead of performing actions during the Action Phase, he stands up his Investigator token and is no longer Delayed.

Each investigator starts the game with Health and Sanity tokens equal to his maximum Health and Sanity, respectively.

When an effect causes an investigator to lose Health or Sanity, he discards Health or Sanity tokens from his Investigator sheet. If an investigator recovers Health or Sanity, he gains Health and Sanity tokens from the token pool. An investigator cannot have more Health or Sanity than his maximum.

Defeated Investigators

When an investigator has zero Health or Sanity, he is immediately defeated and resolves the following steps:

  1. Advance Doom: Advance Doom by 1.

  2. Relocation: Move the Investigator token to the nearest City space. Then lay the Investigator token on its side and place a Health token on it to indicate the investigator has lost all Health, or place a Sanity token on it to indicate the investigator has lost all Sanity.

  3. Collect Possessions: The investigator discards all Condition cards, Health, Sanity, and Improvement tokens and places his possessions (Assets, Artifacts, Spells, Clues, and travel tickets) on his Investigator sheet. He places the sheet and possessions out of the way; they will be needed if an investigator encounters this defeated investigator.

  4. Pass Lead Investigator: If the defeated investigator has the Lead Investigator token, he must pass the token to an investigator of his choice.

After resolving the steps above, investigators continue resolving the current phase of the game.

Choosing a New Investigator

If an investigator is defeated, the player controlling that investigator chooses a new investigator at the end of the Mythos Phase. To choose a new investigator, he chooses any unused Investigator.

Encountering Defeated Investigators

Investigators may encounter a defeated investigator's token in order to retrieve its possessions and possibly retreat doom.

If an investigator is on the same space as a defeated investigator's token during the encounter phase, he may resolve one of the encounters on the back of the defeated investigator's sheet. He resolves the "Crippled" encounter if the Investigator token has a Health token on it or the "Insane" encounter if the Investigator token has a Sanity token on it.

After resolving this encounter, remove the defeated Investigator token and Investigator sheet from the game. That investigator cannot be used for the remainder of the game.

Devoured Investigators

Some game effects cause investigators to be devoured. When an investigator is devoured, he is considered defeated but only follows steps 1 and 4 of "Defeated Investigators" on the left.

He then discards all Conditions, possessions, Health, Sanity, and Improvement tokens and removes his Investigator sheet and token from the game. At the end of the Mythos Phase, he chooses a new investigator as described on the left.

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