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Although the species is still known as the Terrans, its different factions have long since left their home system and now call new, distant systems their home.

After the wormhole drive technology was discovered, the six main factions set out to colonize the nearby systems, leaving the ruined and dying home planet behind. The Terrans have proven to be a surprisingly adaptable and versatile species.

After surviving the near-disastrous First Contact and the subsequent war with the species they named the Hegemony, they have made rather steady development and are now more or less unanimously regarded as a reliable member of the Galactic Council.

The main drawback of the Terran society, and probably the reason prohibiting them to rise to true greatness, is their inherent need to squabble and form miniature factions amongst themselves.

Terran Directorate

The Directorate governs the Procyon sector with a strong hand. A seat in the Inner Circle is only given to the very best, carefully chosen (and rumoredly even genetically programmed) to continue the line of the Directors.

While there may be power struggles behind the scenes, the Directorate is determined to lead the rather well-off civilization toward a great future.


Terran Federation consists of numerous state systems with relatively similar ideals and histories. The Altair system is considered to be the most important of them, and it houses the Federal Parliament.

The state systems enjoy quite a lot of freedom in their government, but in time of need they work efficiently together to protect the Federation.

Terran Union

After the long diaspora, the Terran Union settled in the Eta Cassiopeiae system. Despite occasional internal struggles, the Union has stood tall during hard times, often through strong diplomatic efforts and by staying carefully neutral. This may soon change, however, as the home system will not be able to provide for the whole civilization..

Terran Republic

After having set their home in the Sirius system and doing their part in the Hegemony war, the people of the Terran Republic have built a democratically ruled society, enjoying a relatively stable and prosperous life.

Terran Conglomerate

Unlike the other Terran factions, the Conglomerate was originally fully backed by corporations eager to invest in the deep space colonies.

This is still reflected in the society all the way from the Board, the highest governmental body of the Conglomerate, to the most mundane details of life in the Tau Ceti system. The Conglomerate is a financial powerhouse and one of the key players in the Galactic Center business.

Terran Alliance

The Alliance was a major force in the Terran-Hegemony War, after the already dissolving faction united against the common enemy.

After the decisive victory in the Battle of Delta Pavonis (33.142) and driving the Hegemony fleet out of the sector, the Alliance made Delta Pavonis their home system. They have come a long way since then, but the old treaties are still in effect and the Alliance holds strong.


There are no reliable documents regarding the seclusion of the Ancients. Most theories are based on the relics found in the systems believed to have been colonized by them.

Some of the discoveries possess qualities previously unknown in the Galactic Library, but there is no solid theory on who or what the Ancients were, nor where they disappeared. Interestingly enough, folk tales of several different species allude to a similar, old evil.

Recent messages from various sectors report of multiple contacts with something described as "Ships unlike any known design, with an unsettling feeling of Something hovering outside your field of vision" (Interceptor "Delirium of Disorder", Lambda Serpentis system, 43.393)

Galactic Center

Established at the end of the Terran-Hegemony War (30.027- 33.364), the awkwardly named Galactic Center has since become the contact hub of known spacefaring species.

Evolved around the diplomatic Ships that negotiated the peace (Terran Interceptor "Shelter from the Storm" and Hegemony Dreadnought "Viewpoint Adjustment"), the conglomerate of Ships and habitats is now the home for billions of entities, housing both the Galactic Council and the Library of the Galactic Center.

The Council has representatives from the major species known colloquially as the Seven. While the Galactic Center acknowledges all the lesser spacefaring species as equals, only the Seven have a formal position in the Council. The minor species do occasionally play their part in the Council power struggles.

Even in times of fledgling peace, when alliances shatter and hasty diplomatic treaties are made, the Galactic Center is considered a demilitarized zone and protected by heavy defenses.

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