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If, during the excitement of the game, a player makes a mistake, he, or any of the other players who notices the error will call out ''Dutch!"

When a player shouts this, everyone must stop play immediately, and not disturb any of the cards which have been played. The misplaced cards will then be returned to their original positions and the game resumes. The scorekeeper will act as a referee if necessary.

Rules to be observed

General: A player cannot pick up more than one card at a time during play from any of his card piles. Players may not use both hands to play their cards. Throwing cards onto the Dutch Piles instead of placing them is forbidden.

Dutch Piles: Players cannot start new piles with any other card number except a Number 1 card. No player may place a card onto a pile out of sequence. Building on a pile with a card of a different color is not permitted

Blitz Pile: A player cannot play any card except from the top. This pile cannot be shuffled during play.

Post Piles: A player must build cards here in a DESCENDING order, ALTERNATING between boy- and girl-faced cards.

Wood Pile: A player cannot play any cards except from the top. Shuffling cards in the Wood Pile is not permitted

Player cannot play any cards except from the top. Shuffling cards in the Wood Pile is not permitted.

Cards Held in Your Hand: Turning over cards other than in groups of threes is not permitted.

A player cannot shuffle these cards once play has begun. Taking groups of three cards from the bottom of a player's deck also violates playing rules.

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