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Rating: 4.8 Moderate
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 15-3 minutes

Created by: Tim Moodie

Published by: Endless Games (I)


Roll the Master Die to determine the "Point", then its off to the races as everybody rolls their 3 dice at once to score first! Roll High, Low, Odds, Evens, 3 of a Kind, or a Straight to win.

Roll the Master Die to determine what everyone is rolling for: odds, evens, three low, three high, low straight, or high straight. Players all roll at the same time and each player may "hold out" die as they roll the correct number.

For example if you are going for "odds" and you roll a 1, you can place it aside and keep rolling to get the 3 and the 5. First player to get the correct roll, moves his/her marker along the score track.

First to the finish, wins.

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