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In each case, play the game as usual, but with the changes described for each variant.


Divide up into two teams. The members of Team 1 and Team 2 always alternate turns. If the two teams have different numbers of players, make sure that each player on a team always gets the same number of turns as the other team members.

Each team chooses one score marker for the entire team, which is always advanced when any team member scores points. If it is your turn, select any shape from your team's shape supply and drop it into the drop zone. Then check for broken landing rules and assess any points earned.

Team members are allowed to advise each other. If you are playing with jokers, discuss with your fellow team members whether or not you want to use a joker.


When setting up, take the two side-edge pieces with the shapes and the two bottom-edge pieces with their sides showing the shapes facing up and insert them so that the letters match.

Again, make sure that all of the letters match up. You will not need the two side-edge pieces with the colors.

When checking the edge landing rules, you will now have to pay special attention to the shapes along the edges, instead of the colors.

Easy: Without Edge Pieces

  • When setting up, use just two side-edge pieces (shape or color) but no bottom-edge pieces. Again, make sure that the letters match up.

  • When checking, you may ignore all of edge landing rules. In this version, the only role of the side-edge pieces is to make it easier to count the points for the levels you reach. This makes the game much easier.


  • When setting up, in a three-player and four-player game you will get two joker tokens in your color.

    In a two-person game or team game, you will get just two jokers (one in each of your two colors).

  • If you determine that you have broken a landing rule (or more than one), you can spend one of your jokers, which allows you to get the full point allocation as if you hadn't broken any landing rules at all.

    Each joker can be spent only once.

  • Unused jokers are worth three points at the end of the game.

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