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Choose a shape. Drop it in the drop zone. If your shape doesn't break any rules based on where it landed, then you earn points based on how high it landed and if it is touching bonus circles.

Players take turns dropping their shapes until all of the shapes have been dropped. Then, the player with the most points wins!



Place the game board in the middle of the table so everyone can reach. Place the scoring track next to the game board. Set your score markers on the large yellow starting space.

Note: You do not need the two side-edge pieces with shapes, or the jokers, for the base game.


Four players:

Each player gets one complete set of shapes in one color, and the matching score marker and point token.

Three players:

Each player gets one complete set of shapes in one color, and the matching score marker and point token. In addition, divide up the shapes of the unused fourth color as shown.

Two players or two teams:

Each team or player gets two complete sets of shapes, one matching score marker, and both matching point tokens.

Game Play

The player who most recently had a birthday begins. Players take turns dropping one of their shapes into the drop zone. When it's your turn, do the following five steps. Then, it's the turn of the player to your left. Proceed in this way, in clockwise order.

  1. Choose one of your shapes.
  2. Drop it in the drop zone.
  3. Check to make sure your shape didn't break any landing rules.
  4. If you didn't break any landing rules, figure out how many points you scored.
  5. Move your score marker forward on the scoring track according to the number of points you scored.

Landing Rules

These rules apply to the final resting position of your shape after you drop it and it stops moving.

• Shape: Your shape is not allowed to be touching any shapes that are the same shape i.

• Color: Your shape is not allowed to be touching any shapes of the same color ii.

• Edge: Your shape is not allowed to be touching any edges of the drop zone that are marked by symbols of the same color iii or shape iv printed on the side-edge pieces or bottom-edge pieces.

(Note: This rule only pertains to the edges of the drop zone, not the entire area of a level or the entire column area above a bottom-edge symbol).

• Height: Your shape is not allowed to be sticking out above the top of the drop zone (at the top of the vertical game board) v.

If you break one or more of the landing rules, you earn no points for that shape.

Scoring Points

  • Level Points: Determine the highest level in which your shape landed. You earn the number of points equal to the level number.

    For example, a shape in level 3 earns 3 points v, and a shape in level 5 earns 5 points vi.

  • Bonus Points: Determine if one or more of the bonus circles on the game board is covering a part of your shape. If so, you earn bonus points according to the size of the bonus circle vii.

    • Large bonus circle: i point
    • Medium bonus circle: 2 points
    • Small bonus circle: 3 points

    In the example below, the blue square is touching only a yellow edge and a red triangle. It did not break any landing rules. Therefore, it earns 5 points for landing (at least partly) in level 5, and 2 bonus points for overlapping a medium bonus circle, for a total of 7 points.

Point Tokens: If you earn more than 25 points, place your point token with the "+25" side face up on the scoring track space of the matching color.

If you earn more than 50 points, flip your point token so the "+50" side shows. In a two-person or team game, use your second point token if necessary.

End of the Game

As soon as all of the players have dropped their final shapes and assessed any points earned with them, the game is over.

The winner is the player with the most points!

Don't forget to factor in your "+25" or "+50" point tokens. In case of a tie, all of the tied players are the winners.


  • When it's your turn, you may turn the game board toward you. But be careful. Don't change the positions of the shapes in the drop zone by mistake!

  • Points are assessed during your turn - in other words, immediately after you have dropped your shape. If the position of your shape changes after this point assessment, it will not affect your score! Points cannot be taken away once earned!

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