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This section explains several optional rules that players can use to customize their games. Before each game begins, players must agree on which of these optional rules to use, if any.

Escape from Drakon's Lair

This optional rule changes how players win the game. A player must collect a total value of eight gold and then enter a chamber with an Escape or Teleportation icon in order to win the game.

If the draw pile is depleted and no player can legally place a chamber or move, the hero with the highest gold value wins the game.


This optional rule provides each hero with a unique ability that is usable once per game. When choosing a hero during setup, each player places his card in front of himself with its text-side up.

Each card specifies when a hero can use his ability and what it does. When a hero uses his ability, he flips his card over. For convenience, the hero abilities are also printed on the back of the player aid.

Short Game

This optional rule shortens the game length. To win the game, a player must collect a total value of seven gold.

Team Play

This optional rule allows a group with an even number of players to split into teams. Divide the players into teams of two players. Each team's goal is to collect coins with a total value of 20 gold.

In a four-player game, each player sits across from his teammate such that the order of play alternates between teams.

In a six-player game, each player sits three seats to the left of his teammate such that the first member of each team takes a turn before the second member of a team takes a turn.

During the game, teammates share coins with one another and may look at the coins in their team's pool at any time. When a coin is lost or stolen from a specific player, the coin is taken from his team's pool of coins.

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