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Attention! Red Alert!

Attention all Marines! Attention all Marines! Report immediately to the central command. If you are isolated from the main facility, seek out other marines, form squads, and engage the invaders with whatever means possible.

The weapons at the Mars base are limited, but should be sufficient for neutralizing the invaders. Although you will have trained on most of them, please read this downloadable weapons summary.

Weapon Designations

  • Fist

    The invaders are physically powerful. It is recommended that you only attempt unarmed combat with them if you have no other choice.

  • Grenade

    These heavy weapons fire a hail of bullets that can chew up smaller invaders in moments.

  • Weapon Designation: Pistol

    All security personnel have been issued one standard sidearm. These pistols have short range and inflict only minor damage, but ammo for them should be plentiful.

  • Machine Gun

    Grenades are the only weapons that can eliminate threats around a corner. Be careful not to get caught in their blast radius.

  • Chain Gun

    Certain personnel have been issued small-caliber machine guns. These weapons are capable of rapid fire and are quite accurate if fired in short bursts.

  • Shotgun

    A great weapon at close quarters, the shotgun inflicts grievous wounds and can injure several invaders with a single shot.

  • Rocket Launcher

    Rocket launchers make effective long-range weapons, allowing you to kill invaders before they can reach you. As with grenades, you should avoid their blast radius.

  • Plasma Gun

    These weapons are rare and energy cells for them are hard to find.

    If you are able to locate a plasma gun, however, you will find it an extremely versatile and effective weapon.

  • BFG

    Do not allow the invaders to claim this weapon! When firing the BFG, use extreme caution.

    It fires a massive blast of energy, and packs a punch that should be able to take down even the largest invader.

  • Chainsaw

    These were accidentally shipped to the base, but they make excellent melee weapons and can run for several days without recharging.

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