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Alert! Alert! Alert!

All UAC personnel be advised. There has been a code red security breach in the dimensional gateway research facility here at the Union Aerospace Corporation's Mars base. We are under invasion. I repeat, we are under invasion.

Our cameras have picked up a number of unusual entities roam- ing the corridors and rooms of the base. We have compiled the following information about the various types of invaders that we have observed so far.

Species Designations

  • Zombie

    These invaders appear to be UAC personnel who have somehow been possessed. They are slow, extremely numerous, and seem to have gained an uncanny strength.

  • Imp

    These humanoid invaders move faster than zombies and can attack from a distance by hurling fireballs, possibly through some sort of pyrokinesis.

  • Trite

    These spider-like invaders are among the fastest entities we have observed.

    Beware, as they can move rapidly through the base's air ducts to surprise their victims.

  • Demon

    These dog-like invaders are slower than trites, but possess powerful tearing jaws and sharp reflexes, allowing them to twist quickly and snap at anything that gets too close.

  • Mancubus

    These bloated creatures are slow, but they have powerful guns fused to their arms, allowing them to fire a heavy barrage of bullets.

  • Hell Knight

    These giant invaders are the strongest of the observed entities.

    They can knock entire squads aside with one sweep of their arms. Keep your distance at all costs!

  • Archvile

    These humanoid invaders are similar to imps, but employ a much more powerful pyrokinetic ability that can summon huge gouts of flame at great distance.

    Close with them and engage!

  • Cyberdemon

    We only got a few blurry images of this creature before it destroyed the cameras, so we have no intelligence on it.

    It appears extremely dangerous. Be careful!

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