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  • Blindfold
  • 4 cans of comp
  • Spinner board with arrow and base
  • Game mat
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Try to dodge the poops as you walk along the mat while wearing a blindfold.

First Time you Play

  1. Carefully separate the spinner parts from the plastic frame.

    If needed, use an emery board or sandpaper to remove the excess plastic from the parts.

    Discard the frame after removing all the parts.

  2. Assemble the spinner as shown.

  3. Remove the mat from the plastic bag.


  1. Spread the mat out on a flat, suitable playing surface, with the green side facing up.

  2. Remove the compound from one of the cans and place roughly half of it into the mold.

    Push down firmly on the compound, making sure it fills the whole mold, before gently removing it.

    Well done - you've created your first poop! Now do the same with the other half of the compound and the remaining cans.

    When finished, you'll have eight poops!

  3. Place five of the poops in different locations on the mat.

  4. Everybody take your shoes and socks off!

Game Play

The youngest player goes first! On your turn:

  1. Stand at one end of the mat (don't step on the mat yet) and put on the blindfold.

  2. Ask one of the other players to spin the spinner and call out the number it lands on. You must take at least that many steps when you walk on the mat! Some spaces have extra symbols next to the step number!

    If the spinner lands here...

  3. Now try to walk to the other end of the mat in at least the number of steps determined by the spinner without treading in poop! If you take less than the required number of steps, you must start again from the beginning!

    Lift your knees high when walking.

    No jumping, running, or tiptoeing!

    Don't stop until you reach the other end of the mat-even if you step in poop!

    If you step off the mat before reaching the other end, ask another player to guide you back to where you were to continue your turn.

  4. Once you've reached the other end, and can no longer feel the mat under your feet, remove the blindfold and count how many poops you stepped in. That number's important, so be sure to remember it!

  5. Place any poops that were stepped in back into the mold one at a time and reshape them. Then place them back on the mat, anywhere you like!

  6. Choose someone to go next! Play until everyone has had a turn, and remember to spin the spinner before each player walks the mat!


  • Did your foot only gently touch a poop? It still counts, so step in it anyway!
  • Any poops added to or removed from the mat must stay like that for the next player!
  • For advanced play, get someone to spin you around three times before you walk the mat!
  • Remember, there's enough compound to make eight poops in total!

End of the Game

To win, step in the fewest poops as you walk blindfolded from one end of the mat to the other! Was it a tie? Play again until there's a clear poop-dodging champion!

Solo Play

Play as described above, but spin the spinner and add or remove poops (you don't need to rearrange them) before you put on the blindfold.

Then make your move! Can you dodge all the poops?

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