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For game balance it is important to follow the noted card distribution:

I. +Card/+Action

(Select 2 - it is not suggested that you have 2 villages in play)

  • [Dominion] Laboratory, Cellar, Village, Spy or Market
  • [Intrigue] Wishing Well, Shanty Town, Mining Village, Scout or Pawn
  • [Seaside] Warehouse, Treasury, Pearl Diver, Haven, Bazaar or Caravan
  • [Prosperity] City, Grand Market, Worker's Village or Peddler
  • [Hinterlands] Cartographer, Scheme, Oasis, Border Village, Inn or Highway
  • [Dark Ages] Sage, Wandering Minstrel, Vagrant, Ironmonger, Bandit Camp, Mystic or Fortress
  • [Cornucopia] Tournament, Menagerie, Hamlet or Hunting Party
  • [Guilds] Advisor, Baker, Herald or Plaza
  • [Promo] Walled Village

II. + Coin

(Select 2)

  • [Dominion] Chancellor or Festival
  • [Intrigue] Coppersmith or Conspirator
  • [Seaside] Treasure Map, Embargo, Merchant Ship, Cutpurse or Navigator
  • [Prosperity] Bank, Quarry, Monument, Royal Seal, Hoard, Venture, Contraband, Talisman or Loan
  • [Hinterlands] Fool's Gold, Mandarin, Ill-Gotten Gains, Cache, Haggler or Duchess
  • [Dark Ages] Poor House, Counterfeit, Squire, Scavenger or Death Cart
  • [Guilds] Masterpiece or Horn of Plenty
  • [Promo] Black Market or Stash.

III. Utility

(Select 2)

  • [Dominion] Adventurer, Library, Throne Room or Workshop
  • [Intrigue] Tribute, Ironworks or Steward
  • [Seaside] Smugglers, Fishing Village, Lighthouse, Tactician, Native Village, Explorer or Outpost
  • [Prosperity] Counting House or King's Court
  • [Hinterlands] Crossroads, Jack of All Trades or Stables
  • [Dark Ages] Knights, Armory, Band of Misfits, Catacombs, Marauder, Graverobber, Rats or Count
  • [Cornucopia] Harvest or Farming Village
  • [Guilds] Doctor, Butcher or Soothsayer
  • [Promo] Prince or Envoy.

IV. Victory or Reaction

(Select 1)

  • [Dominion] Moat or Gardens
  • [Intrigue] Duke, Great Hall, Nobles, Harem or Secret Chamber
  • [Seaside] Island
  • [Prosperity] Watch Tower
  • [Hinterlands] Trader, Tunnel, Silk Road or Farmland
  • [Dark Ages] Beggar, Market Square or Feodum
  • [Cornucopia] Fairgrounds or Horse Trader.

V. Card Trashing

(Select 1)

  • [Dominion] Remodel, Chapel, Mine, Money Lender or Feast
  • [Intrigue] Trading Post or Upgrade
  • [Seaside] Lookout
  • [Prosperity] Mint, Expand, Bishop or Forge
  • [Hinterlands] Develop, Spice or Merchant
  • [Dark Ages] Junk Dealer, Forager, Altar, Hermit, Rebuild or Procession
  • [Cornucopia] Remake
  • [Guilds] Taxman or Stonemason.

VI. Attack

(Select 1 - specifically those that attack the other player's hand/deck)

  • [Dominion] Witch, Militia, Bureaucrat or Thief
  • [Intrigue] Saboteur, Swindler, Torturer or Minion
  • [Seaside] Ambassador, Ghost Ship, Sea Hag or Pirate Ship
  • [Prosperity] Goons, Mountebank or Rabble
  • [Hinterlands] Noble Brigand
  • [Dark Ages] Urchin, Rogue or Pillage
  • [Cornucopia] Fortune Teller, Young Witch or Jester.

VII. + Buy or + Cards

(Select 1)

  • [Dominion] Woodcutter, Council Room or Smithy
  • [Intrigue] Bridge, Baron, Courtyard or Masquerade
  • [Seaside] Wharf or Salvager
  • [Prosperity] Trade Route or Vault
  • [Hinterlands] Nomad Camp, Margrave, Oracle or Embassy
  • [Dark Ages] Hunting Grounds, Cultist or Storeroom
  • [Guilds] Candlestick Maker, Journeyman or Merchant Guild.

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