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The Vampire is put into your discard pile. If there are no Vampires in their pile, you cannot exchange Bat for one, but can still trash cards.

Cursed Gold

You can choose not to play Cursed Gold, and thus not gain a Curse.


If you run out of cards before revealing an Action, shuffle your discard pile but not the revealed cards, and continue. If you still do not find an Action, just discard everything and do not do anything else.

If you find an Action card, you discard the other cards, set the Action card aside, and play it twice at the start of your next turn. This is not optional. If you have multiple start-of-turn effects, you can put them in any order, but when you resolve Ghost, you play the Action twice then; you cannot resolve other effects in the middle. You play the Action card, resolving it completely, then play it a second time.

Playing the card does not use up Action plays for the turn. If Ghost plays a Duration card, Ghost will stay out with the Duration card. If Ghost plays a card that trashes itself, it will play it a second time even though the card is no longer in play. If Ghost fails to play a card, it will be discarded from play that turn.


Trashing a card is optional.

Haunted Mirror

Haunted Mirror does not give you a way to trash it, but does something if you find a way to.


After drawing two cards, you can play an Action card from your hand, provided that you do not have a copy of that card in play.

It does not matter if you played the Action card this turn, only that it is not in play when you play Imp; you can use Imp to play a card that you played but trashed and so do not have in play, like a Pixie you trashed, but cannot use it to play a card you did not play this turn that is still in play, such as a Secret Cave from your previous turn. Imp normally cannot play an Imp as that is a card you have in play.

Lucky Coin

You can choose not to play Lucky Coin, and thus not gain a Silver.

Magic Lamp

Magic Lamp itself counts as one of the six cards. A card you have two or more copies of in play does not count; you have to have exactly one copy in play to count a card. You can play more Treasures after trashing Magic Lamp, and still got from it for that turn.


For example if you have three Estates, then Pasture is worth 3 .


This simply gives you and +1 Buy when you play it.


If the revealed card does not cost or less, leave it on your deck. Cards with or in the cost (from Alchemy and Empires) do not cost or less.


You only gain a card if you actually returned Wish to its pile. A card you gain that would normally go somewhere else, like Nomad Camp (from Hinterlands), goes to your hand.

Zombie Apprentice

If you trash an Action card from your hand, you draw three cards and get +1 Action.

Zombie Mason

Gaining a card is optional. You can gain a card costing more than the trashed card, or any amount less; for example you can gain a copy of the trashed card.

Zombie Spy

You draw a card before looking at the top card.

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