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If you do not trash an Action, nothing else happens.


You can do this even if the Duchy pile is empty. The chosen cards stay in your discard pile when the other cards are shuffled into your deck.


You can do this even if the Copper pile is empty.


This counts the two Silvers it gives you (provided that there were Silvers left to gain). For example, with 12 coins and 2 Buys and having gained no Silvers earlier in the turn, you could buy Conquest twice, getting two Silvers, then +2 , then two more Silvers, then +4.


Each purchase of Delve gives you back the Buy you used on it. For example, if you have , you can Delve, then Delve, then buy a card for.


This does nothing once the Province pile is empty.


Effects that happen due to trashing cards (such as Rock's) will happen before you shuffle. This happens between turns, and so Possession (from Dominion: Alchemy) will no longer be doing anything.


This does nothing once the Curse pile is empty. This only gives you +1 per the trashed card cost; it does not give anything for or in costs.

Salt The Earth

If the trashed card does something when trashed (such as Crumbling Castle), you do that thing.


Every Supply pile starts with , including Kingdom cards and basic cards like Silver. The Event itself, when bought, adds to a single pile, whether or not that pile has any on it already. The is taken by the next player to buy a card from that pile; gaining a card without buying it leaves the on the pile.


You get +1 per card you have gained, including the Estate, and any other cards bought or gained other ways; you do not get for Events bought. Once the Estate pile is empty, this does nothing.


You get the even if there are no Golds left.


If there are fewer than 3 Golds in the pile, just gain the remaining Golds.



If you gain a card that is both a Treasure and a Victory card, such as Humble Castle, you can resolve the abilities in either order.


With Villa it is possible for your Buy phase to start twice or more in a turn; you can make use of Arena each time.

Bandit Fort

For example with 3 Silvers and 1 Gold, you would get -8 . Scores can go negative.


This happens each time you buy a card. For example with and 3 Buys, you could buy Copper, then Copper, then Silver, taking 2 , then 2 , then none.


Any way you gain a card will stop you from getting from this that turn.


You take the whether you bought the Victory card or gained it another way.


For example with Settlers in play, buying another Settlers gets you 2 from here. Cards from the same pile are not necessarily copies of each other; for example Bustling Village is not a copy of Settlers.

Defiled Shrine

Note that this triggers on gaining an Action, whether bought or otherwise gained, but only on buying Curse, not on gaining Curse other ways. tokens will go on Ruins (from Dominion: Dark Ages) when used, but not on Farmers' Market, Temple, or Wild Hunt (the three Action - Gathering cards).


You either get 15 or 0 ; there is no extra bonus for having 20 Coppers.


This applies to each different Treasure being used in the game. If all players have the same number of copies of a Treasure, they all get the 5 for that Treasure.


This can only happen once per turn per player. For example if you gain 4 cards in the same turn, only the second one will come with 2 .

Mountain Pass

This only happens the first time a player gains a Province; it does not matter if the Province was bought or not, or if Provinces have left the pile earlier due to Salt the Earth. This happens between turns; Possession (from Dominion: Alchemy) will not be in effect.

The player to the left of the player who got the Province bids first, then the player to their left and so on, ending with the player who got the Province.

Each bid can be a pass, or a higher bid than the previous bid. Bids are in amounts of , from 1 to 40 debts; a bid of 40 debts cannot be beaten. The player who bid the highest (if any) gets +8 and takes the amount of of their bid.


Multiple cards from the same pile can score for this as long as they have different names.


All cards from the chosen pile count, even if they have different names (such as when it is a split pile). Ruins (from Dominion: Dark Ages), when used, can be the pile.


Having 6 or more copies of a card confers no additional bonus.


For example, if you had 7 Coppers, 5 Silvers, and 2 Golds, that would be two sets of Copper - Silver - Gold, for 6 VP total.


This works even when it is not your turn, such as when you trash a card to Swindler (from Dominion: Intrigue), and works when told to trash a card that is not yours, such as with Salt the Earth.


A Supply pile is only empty if it has no cards in it; a split pile with half of the cards gone is not empty. Victory cards do not count, but Curses do.

Triumphal Arch

For example, if you had 7 copies of Villa and 4 copies of Wild Hunt, you would score 12 .


For example, if you had 27 cards in your deck, you would score -12 for Wall. Scores can go negative.

Wolf Den

Having no copies of a card, or two or more copies of a card, confers no penalty. Scores can go negative.

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