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Concurrent Dominion modifies the Dominion rules so that everyone plays at the same time.

Select one player to act as the facilitator. The facilitator announces the beginning of the turn and checks to see when everyone is ready for the next turn. When the facilitator announces the beginning of the turn, everyone plays the turn at the same time.

When buying cards, whoever gets there first gets the card. This is relevant when stacks run out.

Attack and Defense Cards

For attack cards, the effect on the player who played the card is resolved right away, the effect on the other players is resolved after all the other players have taken their turns.

Defense cards from the new hand are used to defend against the attack. Use a start player marker to indicate which player is the start player for each turn.

Resolve attack card effects clockwise, starting with the start player. At the end of the turn move the start player marker to the next player clockwise.

Unique Cards

Following are the specific rule changes for unique cards:

Council Room

After everyone has drawn their hand for the next turn, before attacks are resolved, draw cards for each other player, as many as needed.


Place the Embargo token when you play the card. Anyone who buys after you place the token must take a curse.


Reveal the top 5 cards of your deck, Announce to the player on your left that you have played an Envoy. The player must stop his/her turn after completing the current action and select a card for you to discard, then resume taking the turn.


The lighthouse affects attacks at the end of this turn, so it is possible to see what people have played before you commit to playing the light house.


When a player plays a Masquerade he/she announces "I am playing a Masquerade". At this point, all players complete their current action or complete drawing their new hand if they have completed their turn. Resolve the Masquerade. After the Masquerade is resolved, everyone resumes playing.


All the players who played an Outpost card take their 2nd turn together. The facilitator should coordinate this. The Outpost turn should be taken as part of the normal turn, attacks from the normal turn and the Outpost turn are resolved at the same time.

Pirate Ship

If 2 pirate ships are played by the player, and the player wishes to use the 2nd pirate ship to buy, then that player's buy will be contingent on the results of the 1st pirate ship. The player assumes the 1st pirate ship is successful, but if it fails he has to retrieve the card(s) and replace it (them) with another. (Ugly, but this probably won't happen very often).


There are 2 choices for this card. Decide before play which choice everyone will use.

  • The card smuggled is from the player on the right's last turn (see if you can remember that far back!)
  • The card smuggled is a card the player purchased this turn.


Announce to the player on your left that you have played a Tribute. The player must stop his/her turn after completing the current action or after drawing a new hand if he/she has completed the turn. The player reveals the top 2 cards on his/her deck, then discards them and resumes taking the turn.

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