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These cards are not Supply cards, and each can only be obtained by exchanging the appropriate card (starting with Page or Peasant).


Champion stays in play for the rest of the game once played. For the rest of the game, it provides you with an additional +1 Action each time you play an Action, which means you will always be able to play all of your Actions; and it protects you from all further Attacks played (whether you want the protection or not).

Champion only protects you from Attacks played after it; for example it does not stop a previously played Swamp Hag from giving you Curses that turn.


Playing an Action card from your hand is optional. If you do play one, you play it twice, then gain a copy of it if possible; gaining the copy is not optional once you have played it.

The copy comes from the Supply and is put into your discard pile; if the Action is a non-Supply card, such as Fugitive, you can play it twice, but do not gain a copy of it. This does not use up any extra Actions you were allowed to play due to cards like Port - Disciple itself uses up one Action and that is it.

You cannot play any other cards in between resolving the Discipled Action card multiple times, unless that Action card specifically tells you to (such as Disciple itself does).

If you Disciple a card that gives you +1 Action, such as Artificer, you will end up with 2 Actions to use afterwards, rather than the one you would have left if you just played two Artificers. If you use Disciple on a Duration card, Disciple will stay in play until the Duration card is discarded.


When you play this, you draw 2 cards, get +1 Action, and then discard a card from your hand. The discarded card does not have to be one of the cards just drawn.


The Treasure comes from the Supply and is put into your discard pile. It can be any Treasure being used that game.


This gives + , and then an additional + per other Attack card you have in play. Then each other player with 4 or more cards in hand discards a card.

So for example if you play Soldier, then another Soldier, and have an opponent with 5 cards in hand, you will get + and that opponent will discard a card, then you will get + and an extra + while that opponent discards again.

Soldier only cares about Attack cards in play, not Attack cards played that turn; for example using Disciple on Soldier will not produce an extra + , because there is no other Attack card in play. Duration Attacks played on the previous turn are Attack cards in play and so do count for Soldier.


When you play this, put it on your Tavern mat. It stays on your mat until you call it at the start of one of your turns. If multiple things can happen at the start of your turn, you can do them in any order.

When you call Teacher, it moves from the mat into play, and you choose your +1 Action, +1 Card, +1 Buy, or + token, and move it to an Action Supply pile that you have no tokens on.

The token on the pile means that every time you play a card from that pile, you will get the corresponding bonus - if you put your +1 Action token on a pile, you will get an extra +1 Action when playing a card from that pile. See the Tokens section. This cannot put a token on a pile you have tokens on, including the tokens Teacher places as well as your - cost token and Trashing token.

This can put a token on a pile that other players have tokens on. Other things can put tokens on a pile you put a token on with Teacher; it is just Teacher itself that cannot put a token on a pile you have a token on.

It is okay if the pile has a token that does not belong to you or anyone, such as an Embargo token (from Seaside) or coin token for Trade Route (from Prosperity). It is okay if you have an Estate token on a card set aside from that pile.

Treasure Hunter

This counts all cards gained, not just bought cards. For example if the player to your right played Amulet, gaining a Silver, then bought a Duchy, you would gain two Silvers. The gained Silvers are put into your discard pile.


Each player, in turn order, discards the appropriate number of cards from the top of his deck, trashing the ones costing or . If Warrior is your only Traveller in play, each other player will only discard and potentially trash one card.

If you, for example, have a Peasant, a Fugitive, and the Warrior in play, each other player would discard and potentially trash three cards. Cards are only trashed if they cost exactly or exactly .

Cards with in the cost (from Alchemy) do not cost exactly or . Cards with an asterisk in the cost (such as Warrior) or + in the cost (such as Masterpiece from Guilds) may be trashed by Warrior (if costing or ). Champion and Teacher are not Travellers.\

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