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  • 18 skip chips
  • 8 Dodge dice
  • 1 Penalty die
  • 1 Action die
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Collect the fewest points by rolling dice and not having the Action die land on the Stop icon or by not rolling the final matching Dodge die to end a round.

Whoever has the lowest score when one player reaches 100 points wins.


Give each player three Skip chips. Place any remaining in the center of the playing area along with the10 dice. Grab a piece of paper and pencil to keep score.

Before playing, note the three different kinds of dice:

Penalty Die: The Penalty die has three sides worth 10 points, two sides worth 20 points and one side worth 40 points. This die is rolled only once at the start of every round.

Dodge Dice: The eight Dodge dice match the colors of the Penalty die. Take turns rolling the remaining Dodge dice and putting aside any that land on the same color as the Penalty die.

Action Die: The Action die is rolled on every turn along with any remaining Dodge dice. The action die has six different icons:

Immediately ends the round. Collect the points on the Penalty die.

Collect one Skip chip from the center of the playing area (if any are there).

Important: The above icons take effect immediately when they're rolled. The below icons apply only when they are rolled at the same time as the last matching Dodge die during a round.

Collect double the points shown on the Penalty die.

Collect triple the points shown on the Penalty die.

Subtract the points shown on the Penalty die from your current total. (Note: It's possible to have less than 0 points as a result).

Give the points shown on the Penalty die to a player of your choice.

Game Play

Dodge Dice is played over a number of rounds. Whoever last played dodge ball starts the first round by rolling all ten dice. After the first roll, find the Penalty die and place it off to the side. This determines the penalty points for the round.

Next check the Action die. If the action die shows the Stop icon, this immediately ends the round.

Otherwise, look at all of the Dodge dice and place any whose face up side matches the color of the Penalty die out of play along with it.

Then pass any remaining dice along with the Action die to the player on your left.

Example after one roll:

Skip Chips

Skip chips are used strategically throughout the game. You may use them in one of two ways:

  • Spend 1 Skip chip BEFORE you ro to skip your turn and pass the dice to the player to your left. OR

  • Spend 2 Skip chips AFTER you ro to simply ignore the result, even if it would otherwise end a round. Pass the dice you just rolled to the player on your left.

In either case, place any used Skip chips in the center of play.

Note: Once you use your Skip chips, you may not get them back for the remainder of the game unless you are lucky enough to roll the Skip chip icon on the Action die on your turn.

Be sure to spend them wisely!

Ending a Round

As the round progresses, there will be fewer and fewer dice left in play. Continue taking turns rolling any remaining Dodge dice along with the Action die until one of the following happens:

  • A player rolls the Stop icon on the Action die.

    In this case, the round ends immediately and whoever just rolled collects the points on the Penalty die.


    A player rolls the stop icon in the middle of a round. This ends the round immediately and the player collects 20 points.


  • ALL of the Dodge dice match the Penalty die. In this case, now check the icon on the Action die and apply it to whoever just rolled the dice.


    The round ends with all eight Dodge dice matching the Penalty die. After checking the icon on the Action die, whoever just rolled collects 20 points (10 x 2).

In either case, record the points, gather all ten dice, and pass them to the player on the left to start a new round.

End of the Game

Play rounds until one player reaches 100 points. When this happens, whoever has the lowest score is the winner. In case of a tie, all tied players continue playing rounds until there is a clear winner.

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