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  • If the sentence given by the storyteller describes the image too precisely, all the players will easily find it and so he won't score any points.

  • On the other hand, if his sentence has very little to do with the image, it's quite likely that nobody will vote for him, and again he will score no points.

  • Balance issues with inside jokes.

  • Play the game often. You are not a master tactician your first game of chess, and so Dixit players will not be the world's most creative-yet-decipherable Storyteller in the first game.

  • Try to apply previous clues to cards in your hand in new ways. Reusing a clue in a completely new way is an awesome way to make the other players scratch their heads, especially if everyone knows you'll be twisting it.

  • So the challenge for the storyteller is to find a sentence that is neither too descriptive, nor too abstract, so that there is a chance that only some players find it, but not all.

    At the beginning, this can be fairly hard to achieve, but you'll see that the inspiration comes more easily after a few turns.

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