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  • 4 game boards;
  • 36 cards;
  • 1 character card and 4 prediction tokens
  • 16 blue score tokens
  • 20 red score tokens
  • 3 action cards

Object of the Game

The players play the part of mediums who attempt to divine the cards owned by their opponents. In each round, the cards are revealed little by little, which gives the mediums the possibility of narrowing their predictions.

A good guess allows players to win points. The player with the most points after 4 rounds is the winner.


  • Place the boards in the middle of the play area.
  • Each player takes a character card and the 4 corresponding prediction tokens.
  • Keep the score tokens close at hand.
  • The oldest player takes the 4-player action card and will be the first player. The game can begin.

Game Play

The game takes place over 4 rounds. After each round, pass the action card clockwise so that the next player becomes the first player m the next round.

During the game, each player will be the first player once.

Preparation of a round

Each player places one of their prediction tokens on the central space of each board. Shuffle all the cards and deal 6 cards to each player.

Important: Put the 12 remaining cards aside face-down for the round. No one must know what they are.

At the start of each new round, all the cards are shuffled again, both those played in the last round and those put aside.

Turn Overview

The first player begins. The players then take turns clockwise. On your turn, perform the following two actions in order:

1. Play a card

Choose a card from your hand and place it next to the corresponding board. Overlay the cards played next to each board so that at any time all players can see how many cards have been played.

2. Move your prediction token

Now move your prediction token on the board corresponding to the card you have just played. You must move your token, even if you would prefer to leave it where it is.

You may place it in any unoccupied space on the corresponding board, or place it back on the central space on that board, which may contain any number of tokens.

This movement should not be random. You should attempt to divine how many cards corresponding to that board will be played during the round. To help you, remember that the deck contains 36 cards:

  • 6 red chiromancy cards.
  • 8 blue crystallomancy cards.
  • 10 green tasseomancy cards.
  • 12 yellow astromancy cards.

But be careful, only 24 out of these 36 cards will be played in each round!

Remember: You must play a card each turn and move your corresponding prediction token to an unoccupied .pace!

Action Card

The action card indicates the special events that will take place during each round. The first player must make sure that these events are resolved before normal play continues.

At the start of the round, when all players have 6 cards in hand, everyone must choose 3 cards from their hands and pass them anticlockwise. You must pass cards to the player on your right without looking at the cards given to you by the player on your left. Now you know 9 out of the 24 cards that will be played, which should help you make better predictions.

  • When all players have 4 cards in hand, everyone must pass 2 cards.
  • When all players have 2 cards in hand, everyone must pass 1 card.

Be aware: Passing and receiving cards doesn't only help you know more about what cards will be played. It can also help you get rid of a card you don't want to play because you don't want to move your prediction token.


The round ends when everyone has played all of then- cards. We now know how many cards are next to each board. Score each board in turn to find out who was the best medium this round. Keep any score tokens you collect face-down in front of you.

The 'perfect prediction' on each board is the space that corresponds to the exact number of cards played next to the board. If your prediction token is on a perfect prediction, take a blue score token (3 points).

The 'incomplete predictions' on each board are the two spaces directly adjacent to the perfect prediction. If your prediction token is on an incomplete prediction, take a yellow score token (1 point).

All the other spaces, other than the central space, are incorrect predictions. If your prediction token is on an incorrect predic- tion, take a red score token (-1 point). Be careful: The red tokens are penalties! You should tiy to get as few as possible.

The central space is never considered a perfect, incomplete or incorrect prediction. In all cases, if your prediction token is on the central space, do not take a score token.

In the rare situation when no numbered space on a board corresponds to the number of cards played, no players receive any score tokens for that board.

Bonus Spaces

Each prediction board has a number of bonus spaces. There are single bonus spaces (circle outline) and double bonus spaces (filled circle). If your prediction token is on a bonus space, you take 1 or 2 additional score tokens.

If a perfect or incomplete prediction is a single bonus space, take 1 additional yellow score token. If it is a double bonus space, take 2 additional yellow tokens.

If an incorrect prediction is a single bonus space, take 1 additional red score token. If it is a double bonus space, take 2 additional red score tokens. Remember: The red score tokens are penalties!

If the stock of yellow or red score tokens begins to run out, players can 'cancel out' 1 yellow and 1 red score token and return both tokens to the stock.

Next Round

If the game isn't over, pass the action card clockwise so that the first player changes, and then begin the next round.

End of the Game

When all 4 rounds have been played, all players flip over all their score tokens and add up their points.

The player with the most points is declared the winner.

Rules for 3 platers

Simply use the 3-player action card. The game takes place over 3 rounds.

Rules for 2 platers

Use the 2-player action card. The games takes place over 2 rounds. With 2 players, the additional special actions described below are performed.

At the start of the round, when both players have 12 cards in hand, both players must discard 2 cards from their hands. Do not move any prediction tokens during this action. Place the 4 discarded cards face-down in the middle of the play area, and do not look at them again until you resolve the special action at the end of the round.

At the end of the round, when both players have played all their cards, reveal the 4 cards discarded at the start of the round and place them next to their corresponding boards. Do not move any prediction token during this action. Only score the round after the placing of these cards.

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