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Q. What exactly happens if I play Ponder Stibbons or Drumknott?

A. You choose any two cards from your hand to play. You should treat each card you play as a separate set of actions.

Thus, if one of the cards allows you to play another card then you can do so, following on from that particular card.

Once you have completed all of the actions associated with one of the cards you can then play the second card, which may also result in you being able to play additional cards. If you play all of your cards then your turn ends.

Q. If somebody plays the Death card against me can I use an interrupt card, such as Gaspode, to protect two of my minions?

A. No. An interrupt card will only protect one minion. You may block the first attempt to remove one of your minions, but the player who played the Death card could use the second assassination symbol to remove the minion that you just protected.

You would have to play another interrupt card to stop the second attempt to remove your minion.

Q. What exactly does the Wallace Sonky card do?

A. Wallace Sonky protects you against the text effect of another card. It does not protect you against symbols on other cards, so it would not protect one of your minions being removed by a card with an assassination symbol on it.

However, it would protect one of your minions being removed due to somebody playing the Carcer card, as the effect of the card is described in the text area. Other examples of cards it would protect against are The Fire Brigade, Dr Whiteface, and The Thieves' Guild.

It cannot be used to protect another player, only you benefit from its use. It does not protect against random events. If you do use the card then the card you block cannot then be used against another player.

Q. Can the Small Gods card protect you against demons?

A. Yes. You can pay $3 to stop a demon piece being placed in an area. The demon piece should be placed to one side, it is not placed on the board.

Q. Can Carcer remove troll or demon pieces?

A. Yes, troll and demon pieces should be treated just like player minion pieces.

Q. What happens if I cannot play a card during my turn?

A. You are forced to pass. You would still draw cards as normal.

Q. If you place one of your minions in an area that only contains minions of your own color do you still place a trouble marker?

A. Yes, you still place a trouble marker.

Q. Do I have to control an area to be able to build a building?

A. No, you need to have at least one minion there, and there cannot be a trouble marker in the area.

Q. If I use a card that allows me to move a minion can that cause trouble?

A. Yes. Whenever you add or move a minion into an area that already has one or more minions in it then you place a trouble marker in there (unless it already contains one).

Q. Can I get rid of the Fools' Guild or Dr Whiteface?

A. No, once you have accepted one of these cards you are stuck with it for the rest of the game. Each of these cards counts towards your hand size, so the effect is to reduce your hand size by one.

You cannot discard it using The Scours or Unreal Estate.

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