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  • Game Board
  • Dinosaur Playing Pieces
  • 39 Dino-Egg-Venture Cards
  • Dino-Directory
  • 1 Die
  • Instructions!

Object of the Game

To wander through the dangers and dilemmas of the Dino-World, searching for safety in the Dino-Refuge.

The first player to reach the Refuge on an exact roll and shout "DINOMITE!" wins the games.

Game Play

Players choose a dinosaur playing piece and place dinosaurs at the Stego-Start-Us. Each player rolls the die.

The player rolling the highest number begins by rolling die again and moving playing piece appropriate number of squares. Play continues clockwise.

When passing a Dino-Stop (square pictured with a dinosaur), player may choose which direction to turn. If dinosaur lands directly on Dino-Stop, STOP and IMMEDIATELY roll again. Arrows indicate the direction to move.

Play proceeds by following directions printed on the board. Selected Dino-Square and Dino-Egg-Venture Cards (a square pictured with a dinosaur egg) may slow down or speed up your dinosaur's progress.

A player continues with his turn, following all direction, until he can no longer move.

  1. Dino-stops: If a player is re-directed and lands on a Dino-Stop, roll immediately for direction and distance.

    When directed to "Go Back" or "Turn Around", turn around and change direction.

  2. Dino-greeting: If you land on another player's dinosaur, this is a Dino-Greeting. Take another turn.

  3. Pit-trap: Generally, the bridge over the Pit Trap is one-way and counts as four Dino- Squares. The only exception is when a player is instructed to "Turn Around". He may then reverse direction, cross the bridge, and STOP when he reaches the Volcanic Rocks.

  4. Dino-egg Square: When you land on a Dino-Egg Square, you do not have to pick a card. If you like your position, you may not want to risk being re-directed.

    If you land on a Dino-Egg Square occupied by another dinosaur ( a Dino-Greeting), first follow the instructions on the Dino-Egg-Venture card, then take an additional turn.

  5. Bronto-barge: The Bronto-Barge space counts as a Dino Square. A player must land on this square to have a chance to cross Lizard Lake. When you cross the lake, stop at the Landing Square.

  6. Free Pass: "Free Pass" cards for the Bronto-Barge and out of the Mud Swamp may be used when a player lands in those places. These cards also can be TRADED to another player who needs them. The player who trades a "Pass" cards gets five extra Dino-Square on his next turn.

  7. Gate Of Rescue: Whenever a player comes to the Dinomite Square outside the Gate of Rescue, he MUST STOP and on the same turn roll a 1 or 2 to enter the Gate.

    If other numbers are rolled, follow instructions on the board. (NOTE: If a 3,4 or 5 is rolled, "go back" toward Triceratops or Volcanic Rocks).

End of the Game

When you reach the Dino-Refuge, don't forget to shout "DINOMITE!"

Optional Game

Since most Dinomite games are short, you may want to play a series of five games, awarding 5 points for first place, 3 for second place and 1 for third place.

At the conclusion of five games, the player with the most points is the King of the Dinoworld.

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