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Variant - Want an Easier Game

If the players are losing too often they can make one or more of the rule changes to make the game easier. It is suggested that you do not add multiple changes unless you continue to lose after making one change.

  1. During setup, instead of drawing 3 & 3 Darkness Spreads Cards (for a total of 6) only draw 2 & 2 Darkness Spreads cards (so instead of 30 minions on the board to start the game, there will be 24).

  2. Players suffer no penalty if they lose a battle against a General.

  3. Start the Game with 3 Hero Cards per player.

  4. Add 1 Life Token to each hero.

Variant - Want a More Difficult Game

Your team has been too successful in defeating the game for your taste, and you want to increase the difficulty - try one or more of the following:

  1. Allow Overruns and Tainting on the game set up.

  2. Reduce hero Life Tokens by 1.

  3. Remove 1 to 6 Purple (Special) Hero Cards - the more you remove, the more difficult the game.

  4. Remove some or all of the All is Quiet cards from the Darkness Spreads deck.

  5. Remove 5 minions of each enemy type.

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