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Darkness Spreads Cards

The majority of the cards show 2 locations and either 1 or 2 minions that will be placed there. Additionally there are some special Darkness Spreads cards that should be noted - Orc Activity, All is Quiet, and the Monarch City Card.

Each Card also has an A General Advances section at the bottom that identifies the General to be moved and the location it may advance to...

Orc Activity

"Fear my wrath weaklings! My Orcs will never stop until Monarch City falls!"

There are two types of Orc Cards that cause them to multiply very quickly (Orc War Party and Orc Patrols). Follow the instructions on the Card to place the Orcs (much the same as regular Darkness Spreads Cards).

Note: While easier to defeat, players need to be aware of how fast Orcs (Green minions) multiply and keep them at bay. The land can fall if all the Orcs are on the board at the same time.

All Is Quiet

No new enemies appear and no Generals move when this card is drawn.

Example 1: In this example Balazarg is the active General. The location he is eligible to advance to is Raven Forest.

If the Demon General is currently located at Scorpion Canyon he would advance to Raven Forest and 1 new Demon (Red) minion would be placed with him.

If he were already at Raven Forest, Angel Tear Falls, or Bounty Bay, this card would have no effect on the A General Advances phase and Balazarg would not move or gain any new minions.

Example 2: In this example, 1 Orc minion is added to each Green location that is currently empty. In addition, the Undead General (Varkolak) is activated and moved one space forward along his path and 1 Undead (Black) minion is placed on the location he moves to.

The Monarch City card

When this card is drawn, 1 minion of each color that is adjacent to Monarch City is added into the City. If 5 enemy minions are ever in Monarch City at the same time, the heroes lose the game. Therefore it is important to keep the locations around Monarch City free of enemy minions, especially if some are already in the city.

This card also forces the Hero and Darkness Spreads decks to be reshuffled. Any used Purple (Special) Hero Cards will not be reshuffled. Special cards are always discarded out of play when used.

Hero Cards

The Hero Cards are multipurpose cards and are often used in conjunction with an action (noted where appropriate in the action section). The majority have a location and a color with a special movement band at the top.

The Location is important in the following ways:

  • Heal the Location if Tainted: When on a Tainted Land, discard a card of the same color as the Tainted Land to attempt to heal the land and remove 1 Tainted Crystal.

  • If your hero is on the location, you may discard the card to build a Magic Gate.

  • If the movement band of the card has a gate picture, you may discard the card to move to any gate, or move to that location from anywhere.

Movement Bands on Cards

The movement band at the top of the card identifies that the card may be discarded to gain that type of movement. The cost is 1 Action.

There are 3 movement possibilities:

  1. Travel by Horse (2 spaces)
  2. Fly by Eagle (4 Spaces)
  3. Move by Gate, which lets you move to the location on the card, or any Gate.

Purple (Special) Hero Cards

These Cards can be played at any time, even during another player's turn. Once played, they are removed from play and not shuffled back into the deck. Each of these cards is very powerful and can significantly help the heroes when used effectively.

Note: The cards may be used in an attack against the General identified on the card.

Depleted Hero Card Deck:

If the deck has been depleted, reshuffle all the discarded Hero Cards except for the Purple (Special) Hero Cards.

Quest Cards

Each Player is given 1 Quest Card at the start of the game and draws a new one each time she completes a quest, fails a quest, or cannot achieve a quest because of game conditions (such as a defeated General that is to be scouted). Quests range in difficulty and reward.

Note: Players may not discard a Quest because they do not like it.

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