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A tremor of fear ripples through the population in the streets of Hong Kong. Word is out that a recent string of murders may have been committed by one of the very investigators charged with solving them.

The police are bringing in more help. Behind the scenes, the killer is recruiting too.

This expansion adds new Roles, Scene tiles, and Clue and Means cards to Deception: Murder in Hong Kong.


  • 3 Role cards (black)
  • 90 Clue cards (red)
  • 54 Means cards (blue)
  • 9 Scene tiles
  • 2 Badge tokens
  • Instructions

New Clue and Means Cards

Before playing your first game using this expansion, simply shuffle the Clue and Means cards in with their counterparts in the base game.

These can be used in all future games of Deception and need not be removed between games.

Clue Cards

Means Cards

New Scene Tiles

Like the new Clue and Means cards, these can simply be combined with the original Scene tiles from the base game. The new Scene tiles give the Forensic Scientist new options for describing the crime scene.

Scene Tiles

New Event Tile

The new Event tile should be used in the same way as the original Event tiles. Use of the Event tile remains optional.

The Perfect Crime

The new Event tile - called "The Perfect Crime" - can allow for a huge shift in the game. When the Forensic Scientist draws this tile they should read it aloud then follow the instructions.

They are instructed to look, secretly, at the next tile in the draw deck and then set it aside face-down without revealing what they saw. If that tile was not an Event tile, the game continues as normal.

If that tile was an Event tile, the Forensic Scientist now wins with the Murderer team!

Mechanically, nothing changes in the game. The Forensic Scientist still must truthfully respond to attempts to solve the crime. They must still remain silent.

And they must still give any remaining clues by drawing and replacing Scene tiles and replacing Bullet markers.

They may, however, now use the Bullet markers to mislead the investigators if it is to their advantage to do so. At the end of the game, the Forensic Scientist should reveal the tile that was set-aside, which decides whether they win or lose.

Though a team switch is rare, it can happen and the investigators should remain vigilant to detect any changes in the Forensic Scientist's behavior.

New Roles

With the new Roles and extra Badge tokens, you can now play the game with up to 14 players.

The Protective Detail is an optional role for use in games including the Witness.

The Protective Detail knows who the Witness is at the start of the game and can help distract the Murderer and Accomplice from who the real Witness is.

(The Witness does not know who the Protective Detail is). The Protective Detail wins if the Investigator team wins.

When playing with the Protective Detail, the Forensic Scientist will need to inject the following into their setting up of "The Crime" after they have identified the Witness: "Protective Detail, open your eyes".

The Forensic Scientist indicates the Witness by pointing to them. The Protective Detail gives a nod of acknowledgment after which the Forensic Scientist says, "Protective Detail, close your eyes".

The use of the new Roles - Lab Technician and Inside Man - requires one change to the structure of play.

A new phase (referred to as the Allies Phase) must occur between the end of step 2a - First Round of Evidence Collection and the beginning of step 2b - Second Round of Evidence Collection.

The Lab Technician is an optional role recommended for games with 7 or more players.

During the Allies Phase, the Lab Technician may check 1 card in play to determine if it is part of the solution to the crime. The Lab Technician wins if the Investigator team wins.

The Inside Man spreads rumors and is an optional role recommended for games with 8 or more players.

During the Allies Phase, the Inside Man causes 1 other player to lose their Badge token before making a guess (they can choose themselves)! The Inside Man wins if the Murderer team wins.

Allies Phase

During the Allies Phase, the Forensic Scientist will once again guide the players through a round where they close their eyes and some take secret actions.

The Forensic Scientist should guide the players as follows:

  1. "Everyone, please close your eyes", and verify that all eyes are closed.

  2. "Lab Technician, please open your eyes and point to any 1 card to see if it was used in the crime".

    The Lab Technician should point to 1 Clue Card or Means Card on the table and the Forensic Scientist should verify (by gesturing and/or mouthing the name of the object) that they are both looking at the same card.

    The Forensic Scientist then gives the Lab Technician a thumbs up if the card selected was the Clue or Means card used in the murder and a thumbs down if it was not.

    The Forensic Scientist should then say, "Lab Technician, close your eyes", and verify that they have done so.

  3. "Inside Man, please open your eyes and point to any 1 player to have their Badge token removed". The Forensic Scientist should make a mental note of the player selected then say, "Inside Man, close your eyes", and verify that they have done so.

  4. Finally, the Forensic Scientist should instruct, "Everyone, open your eyes", and then remove the Badge token from the player indicated by the Inside Man.

  5. Move on to the Second Round of Evidence Collection.

Suggested Role Sets

Players are free to mix and match Roles in any way which is fun for them. The following sets are ones that have been tested and work well for creating fun and tense games.

  • 6 Players: Forensic Scientist, Witness, Murderer, Accomplice, 2 Investigators.

  • 7 Players: Forensic Scientist, Witness, Lab Technician, Murderer, Accomplice, 2 Investigators.

  • 8+ Players: Forensic Scientist, Witness, Lab Technician, Murderer, Accomplice, Inside Man, 2+ Investigators.

Note: You may include the Protective Detail in the place of an Investigator in any game using the Witness. This will make it a little more difficult for the Murderer's Team to win by Reversal.

If you wish to remove the possibility of a Reversal altogether, simply replace the Witness in any Role set with a normal Investigator.


Unknown Location

For a more difficult game for the Investigators, use the new single "Location of Crime" tile instead of having the Forensic Scientist choose one of the original 4 tiles.

Golden Rule

Players should not reveal what their hidden roles are until the game is over. This includes claiming a role without revealing the card.

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