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50 cubes, divided equally into two colors. Each color should have:

  • 2 Kings
  • 12 Grunts
  • 4 Strikers
  • 2 Helms
  • 2 Freezes
  • 2 Skulks
  • 2 Healers
  • 2 cube guides
  • 1 playing board

Object of the Game

Be the first player to defeat your opponent's King by knocking it off the board.


  1. Create the playing board. Unfold the two halves on a flat surface and align the sides with the straight edges so that they touch and form one continuous terrain. Note that the seam divides the board into two equal territories. Each player should sit behind one of the short ends, closest to a castle.

  2. Choose your cubes. One player plays the red cubes, the other plays blue. Group your cubes by icon and note that each type of cube has different strengths and special moves or abilities. (See "Cube Guide" for details). Normally, you can select a custom mix of cubes to play with but if this is your first time playing, start with this basic mix:

    lx King 4x Strikers 12x Grunts

    Return any unused cubes to the box.

  3. Place Your Cubes. Your King must be placed in your castle. This can mean completely inside your castle, or partly inside, or even just touching the outside edge. You can even place your King on top of other cubes, so it is overhanging your castle.

    Place the rest of your cubes anywhere in your own territory, and in any formation that you want. You can spread them apart, group them together, line them up, or build structures like walls or towers. The only limit is that your cubes may not touch the dividing line between the two territories.

Game Play

Whoever has a squarer head goes first. On your turn, flick one of your cubes using a combination of finger and thumb. You can flick any of your cubes (ability permitting), wherever it is on the board. However, you can only flick one cube per turn.

Defeated Cubes

Any cube that leaves the board is defeated. This means it is out of play for the rest of the game. (If a cube is partially off the board, it is not defeated).

Captured Cubes

Most cubes have one or more "captured" sides. When your cubes are in your own territory, it doesn't matter which side faces up. However, if any of your cubes end up on the shadow side in your opponent's territory, it is captured.

When this happens, immediately remove the cube from the board and roll it like a die. (Roll off the board so as not to interfere with cubes still in play).

This is called a release roll. If the cube is rolled face-side up, it has escaped capture. Place it immediately back in your castle. If it rolls shadow-side up, it is defeated. Place it out of play for the rest of the game.

Play continues with whoever was next to have a turn.

Note: Your cube is only in your opponent's territory if it is completely over the dividing line. If your cube touches the line, it is still in your territory.


If you commit a foul, such as moving other cubes when you flick, touching your opponent's cubes, pushing instead of flicking, or "following through" with your arm when you flick, your opponent gets an extra flick on their next turn.

End of the Game

The first player to defeat their opponent's King wins the game. If you accidentally defeat your own King, your opponent wins.

For a longer game, play a series of bouts. The loser of each bout goes first for the next bout. The first player to win three bouts wins the game.

Advanced Play

Once you get good at the basic game, customize your team with a different mix of cubes. Using the Cube Guide as a reference, select a combination of cubes that add up to no more than 40 points. (Your king is free).

Once you've selected your cubes, check your opponent's team to make sure that it adds up to the correct total.

Also, you may set up your cubes in secret by placing a screen along the dividing line between the two territories. (Use the box, for example).

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