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The following are details about each individual type of cube. Experiment with the different abilities and discover your favorite tactics as you develop your own style of play.


Cost: 0 | Captured sides: 0.

Your King must start the game in your castle. It can never be captured. You may flick your King but be careful! If it leaves the board, you lose the game.

Special Ability: The King Move

Instead of flicking, pick up your King from wherever it is on the board and place it back anywhere in your castle. This counts as your turn.


Cost: 4 | Captured sides: 1.

Strikers are best used offensively. With only one captured side, Strikers have only a small chance of being captured in enemy territory. Even if they are captured, there is a high chance they will pass their release roll.

Strategy Tips:
  • Try to keep your Strikers in strong positions for attack without making it too easy for your opponent to defeat them (by knocking them off the board).
  • It is good to have Strikers left on the board near the end of the game. Your opponent will have fewer cubes to defend with, and there is more space in their territory!


Cost: 4 | Captured sides: 3.

Helms are extra potent attackers. Their special ability is that you may flick them twice, as long as your first flick lands in your territory.


Cost: 3 | Captured sides: 3.

Skulks add an element of stealth to the game. Skulks left in your opponent's territory at the end of your turn can go into hiding. This means that you may remove them from the board and place them aside for later use.

On a future turn, instead of flicking, you may place ONE skulk back anywhere in your opponent's territory, except touching their castle or another cube. This counts as your turn.

Note: Your Skulk does not have to go into hiding if you would prefer to leave it on the board.


Cost: 2 | Captured sides: 4.

Grunts are plentiful but expendable as they have 4 captured sides, which means that they are likely to be captured in your opponent's territory. They're best used defensively, or as low cost attackers. Experiment with different Grunt formations to protect your King!


Cost: 2 | Captured sides: 0.

Healers are placed in your territory but never flicked. However, their special power is that they can revive defeated cubes. On your turn, instead of flicking, remove your Healer from the board and place it out of play.

Next, select up to 6 points worth of defeated cubes (reference each cube's cost) and roll them like dice. Cubes rolled face-side up are revived and placed back in you your Castle. Otherwise they are still defeated.

Note: You can use more than one Healer during your turn, one after another or all together..


Cost: 2 | Captured sides: 0.

Freezes stop your opponent's cubes from being flicked. Freezes are never flicked. They are kept OFF THE BOARD until used. On your turn, instead of flicking, place one or more Freezes on top of your opponent's cubes (except for the King).

When placing multiple Freezes, only one can be placed in your opponent's territory. Any frozen cube may not be flicked (or otherwise used) until your Freeze is knocked off. When your Freeze is knocked off, it is defeated and removed from the board.

Note: You can freeze multiple cubes if you can place your Freeze on top of and in contact with them all.

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