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Game Board

1 Zone

2 Home Zone

3 Crystal Zone

4 Initiative Track

5 Initiative Neutral Spaces

6 Draw

7 Discard

8 Reference Card Space

9 Collected Crystals Space

Clan Cards

There are 2 sections to every clan card. The unit card section (top) takes effect when the card is placed on the battlefield. The battle card section (bottom) takes effect when the unit is played during battle as a battle card.

Unit Section

1 Unit Name 2 Unit Type

3 Summon Cost

4 Attack Value

5 Defense Value

6 Activation Cost

7 Clan Signature Ability

8 Unit Ability

9 Deck Building Symbol (Not yet utilized in the game).

Battle Section

10 Battle Style

11 Left Battle Effect

12 Right Battle Effect

Clan Reference Card

Each clan's signature ability is listed on the clan's reference card.

1 Clan Name

2 Signature Ability

3 Deck Building Symbol

Crystal Cards

1 Name

2 Cost

3 Effect

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