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  • Golden Rule: If the text of any card (Tactic, Building, or Skill), Event token, or Exploration token contradicts the rule book, the card or token takes priority.

  • Players can choose any of the four Terrains when using the Draw two, keep one card Action. Players do not need to be in control of a Region of the Terrain type.

  • Trogs Round up, when calculating VP for scoring Crystals.

  • A player can play a card even if they cannot apply its effect.

  • If Trogs capture a Prisoner in a two or three player game, the Unit is set aside and is not available for Recruitment. The player who owns the Unit must lose 2 VP to return it to their Reserve. However, no player Scores during the Prisoners phase for Prisoners held by the Trogs.

  • If the Trogs win the Region Control Battle Objective in a two or three player game, no Control token is placed in the Region and no points are awarded for winning the Region Control Objective. Instead, place a Trog Nest token.

  • When revealing the Trog War Party/Nest token, if there are not enough Trog Unit miniatures, place as many as there are available and the full number of Crystals. If there are no Trogs at all, place all Crystals and no Battle is declared. The player moving into the Region must return one Unit to their Reserve.

  • A player may choose to continue Movement through Regions with no enemy Units and no Trog War Party/Nest tokens if they desire, even if the Region is under an opponent's Control. Players do not take Control of Regions or resolve Exploration tokens in Regions their Units do not end their Movement phase in.

  • You can never place Crystals or Build Structures in a Headquarters Region!

Key Terms

Kill: Units that are Killed are placed in their owner's Reserve.

Reserve: A player's supply of Units available for the Recruitment action. The Reserve is limited! If a player's Reserve is empty because all of their Units are Prisoners or on the board, they cannot Recruit.

Crystal: Markers added to the board for various reasons that contribute 1 VP each (or half VP Rounded up forTrogs) to the owner of the Region when Scoring is Enabled.

Region: One distinct space on the board.

Adjacent: The Region that shares a border with a Region next to it.

  • The outer Regions with arrows are considered adjacent to the Regions on the opposite side of the board.
  • Regions with Tunnels are considered adjacent for Trog units.

Occupied: A Region is considered occupied if there are Unit tokens in the Region.

  • Regions with only Trog Nest or Trog War Party tokens are not considered occupied.
  • Regions with only Structures are not considered occupied.
  • Regions with only a Control token are not considered occupied.

Control: A Region is considered controlled by the player who has a Control token there.

Hand: The cards held in a player's hand.

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