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Coup: Rebellion G54 Anarchy adds seven new roles and actions to that game for more vicious fun: Anarchists, Paramilitary, Arms Dealers, Social Media, Financier, Plantation owners, and Socialists.


  • 18 Influence Cards (3 of each role)
  • 7 Role Action Cards (1 of each role, and 1 General Action)
  • 1 Role Token (Bomb)
  • 6 Role Dividers (1 of each role)

The extra roles in this Anarchy expansion are added to the base game. The rules for Anarchy are the same with the following exceptions:


Separate the new Role Action cards by type, and add to the Role Action cards in Coup Rebellion G54. This includes the Role Action card for Social Media.

When the Social Media Role Action is selected, use that card as an extra General Action for that game, and draw an additional Communications Role Action for the game.




Active player does not have to claim anarchist role to take this action. Active player pays $3, Takes a Bomb Card and passes it to a target. Unless target passes or diffuses the bomb they lose a life.

Counteraction: target may claim the same card to either pass on the bomb to another player or diffuse it and end the turn. The bomb may never return to any player including the active player.


Active player declares target and pays either $3 if target has 2 remaining lives or $5 if target has only one remaining life . Target loses a life.

Counteraction: Target may claim the same card to avoid losing a life


Plantation Owner

Take 1 coin from Treasury. All Plantation Owners gain 1 coin for each Plantation Owner claimed.


Take all coins from the Bank.

Special Interests

Arms Dealer

Active player names a character role. Turn over two random cards in the deck. If either of those cards are the named role, active player gains $4


When active player claims Socialist all other players become targets and give the active player either $1 or 1 card (targets choice).

Active player keeps all $'s, looks at cards received, adds one card from their own hand, chooses one card to keep, shuffles remaining and deals 1 card back to each player who had given a card.

General Action

Social Media (Freedom of Press)

Take 1 card from Deck. Return 1 card to Deck. Cannot be challenged or blocked. Select another Communications role for this game.

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