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Experienced players looking to diversify their decks right at the start of the game should introduce the "Sector 0" pregame draft cards during set-up. Here is how they work:

  1. At the end of the set-up process on page 8, each player permanently removes one "Galactic Grunts" and one "Snub Fighter" from his Starting Deck. Place these cards back in the box.

  2. Shuffle the 12 cards marked with a Sector Number of "0" and deal a set number of them face up in the Central Zone within view of all the players. The number to deal out is indicated below:

  3. The player with the Destiny Marker chooses one card from the Central Zone and places it face up beside his Starting Deck.

    Afterwards, the remaining players in clockwise order each select one card and place it face up beside their Starting Decks as well.

  4. When the last player has chosen his first card, that same player immediately chooses a second card (i.e. he gets to choose two cards in a row). Then the other players in counterclockwise order each choose a second card.

    In this way, the player with the Destiny Marker will be the last to draw his second card from the Central Zone.

  5. Remove the two unchosen cards from the Central Zone and place them (as well as any other Sector 0 cards that were not dealt) back in the box. The players now shuffle their two drafted cards into their draw decks and begin the game as normal.

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