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The ability tiles provide special actions that can be used in combination with the actions Take Cards and Construct Facade.

Players may use as many of their active ability tiles during their turn as they would like. Used ability tiles are flipped from their active side to their inactive side. By performing a coat of arms action (see page 5), a player may flip all their inactive tiles back to their active sides.

The Special Actions of Ability Tiles:

Any Cards

When performing the action Take Cards, the player may take two cards from any two footbridges.

Example: The player takes twocards that are not adjacent.

Additional Card

When performing the action Take Cards, the player may take an additional third card from any footbridge.

Example: The player takes a third card that was not adjacent to the other two.

Construction Discount

When performing the action Construction facade, the player may »U discard one fewer card in exchange for a facade tile.

Note: When a player builds a facade tile of size 2 adjacent to a tile of the same color and uses this ability tile, he does not have to discard any cards to take the tile.

Example: The player has discarded only two cards for a size three tile.

Example: The player may discard two cards fewer - one fewer because the tile is placed adjacent to an existing tile of the same color, and another fewer because of using the ability tile "Construction discount".

Change of Colors

When performing the action Construct facade, the player may treat their cards of one color as if they were one other color

Example: The player may change all their blue cards to cards of any one other color (green, red, yellow or purple).

Example: The player may change their 4 green cards and 1 purple card to either 5 green or 5 purple cards.

Both Actions

Instead of having to choose between the two actions the player may use this tile to perform both actions during their turn once only. First, they perform the action Take cards, followed by the action Construct facade. The player refills the card display only at the end of their turn.

Note: If the player has more than 7 cards in their hand after the action "A) Take cards", they must discard any surplus cards first before proceeding with the action "B) Construct facade".

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