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  • 6 dry-wipe boards
  • 6 pens
  • a dry-wipe scoreboard
  • 180 question cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to get to 15 points! How? By answering numerical questions with a range...

You all write your ranges at the same time, then reveal! Win points if the right answer is in your range. The most confident player with the smallest range wins the most.


  • You can play as individuals or teams.

  • Each individual / team ("player") needs a dry-wipe pen and Answer board.

  • Give the Scoreboard to a scorekeeper and you're good to go!

Game Play

  1. Read out a question

    • Make sure no one sees the answer on the back of the card

    • Read all the info so you don't miss clues or units

    How Curious!

  2. Write a range on your answerboards

    • You all do this at the same time! If you're in a team, discuss it first
    • There's no time limit, but you can tell each other to get a move on
    • You can also play with the Confidence Boosts: see the back page
  3. Reveal your ranges at the same time

  4. Get the Answer

    • Flip the question card

    • Compare the answer to to read out the answer your ranges

    The answer is in your range!

  5. Win points for correct Ranges

    A range is correct if:

    • The answer falls between the BOTTOM and TOP or
    • The answer matches the BOTTOM or TOP

    Win points:

    • 3 for the correct range with the smallest SIZE
    • 1 for other correct ranges
    • If multiple or all players are correct with the same SIZE, they all get 3

    BUT if everyone has a correct range, the biggest SIZE scores 0. This stops certain people putting 0 to a trillion all the time

End of the Game

  • The scorekeeper tracks points on the Scoreboard

  • Keep answering questions until a player gets to 15 points or over and wins!

What if two or more players reach 15 at the same time? Then the one with the smallest SIZE on that question wins. If they have the same SIZE, they both win!

Confidence Boosts

Once you get the idea, introduce the three Confidence Boosts:


Think someone else knows better? Don't give a range, write their name in the copy box. After the reveal, copy their range to win points as if you'd come up with it


Pop in the names of 2 OTHER players (not you). They must swap their Answerboards after the reveal. They win points for the question based on their new ranges.


Feeling really CONFIDENT? Put your name in this box to score double points for the question.

  • To use a Boost, fill in the relevant box on your Answerboard while writing your range

  • Everyone reveals their ranges and Boosts at the same time Each player gets one of each Boost per game and can use more than one on a question

  • You don't copy or swap Boosts - they're linked to players not Answerboards

  • Cross off used Boosts below player names on the Scoreboard. A Boost is used by the player that originally wrote it

Boosts are settled left to right:

  1. Copy Ranges

    You only copy the BOTTOM, TOP and SIZE - not the Boosts. If you copy a player who copies you, neither scores. If you copy player A and they copy player B then, blimey, you copy player B.

  2. Swap Boards

    If more than two players are intertwined in a web of swaps, pass Answerboards clockwise between those involved. After copies and swaps, assess how many points would be awarded.

  3. Score Doubles

    Double the points for players with names in the double boxes. So, if a player goes for a double but is swapped, they still score double but for their new range.

Bonus ways to play

Final hurdle: You can only cross the finish line with a 3-pointer

Nail it: Write the exact answer (so a range SIZE of 0) to score 5 points

Fast play: Write ranges within ten seconds

Top Two: The smallest correct range scores 3, the second smallest 1 and no other ranges score

Minus points: Incorrect ranges lose a point

Two players: Only the smallest correct range scores - it gets 3. Double is the only usable Boost

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