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Some cards make Events happen. These Events always take place at the end of the Round, after Phase 2: Stealin'.

Angry Marshal

The Marshal shoots the Bandits who are on the roof of his Car. Those Bandits get a Neutral Bullet card each.

Then the Marshal is moved one Car towards the Caboose. If the Marshal is already in the Caboose, he does not move at all.

Swivel Arm

All the Bandits that are on roofs move to the roof of the Caboose.


All Bandits on roofs move one Car forward (towards the Locomotive).

Take It All!

Place the second Strongbox inside the Car where the Marshal is currently.

Passengers' Rebellion

The Bandits who are inside the Cars get a Neutral Bullet each.


Each Bandit who is alone in his spot can take one Purse token from that spot, if there are any Purses there.

Marshal's Revenge

Each Bandit who is on the roof above the Marshal loses the least valuable Purse token he has on his Character card. If a Bandit has no Purse, he loses nothing (even if he has Jewels or Strongboxes).

Hostage-Taking of the Conductor

Each Bandit who is either in the Locomotive or on its roof receives $250 ransom.

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