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The Bandits can be inside the Train 1 or on the roof of a Car 2. The Locomotive is also considered to be a Car. You can be in it or on it.

Thus there are always two possible locations for a Bandit: in or on a Car. At the start of the game, however, no Bandit can be on a roof.


Move your Bandit:

  1. from one Car to the next adjacent Car, forwards or backwards, if he is inside the Train; or
  2. A distance ranging from one to three Cars (your choice), forwards or backwards, if he is on the roof. The Locomotive is considered to be a Car. You can be in it or on it.

If you have plotted this Action, your Bandit cannot stay where he is: you must move him.

Running on the roof saves you time. Doors and passengers are not in your way.

Floor Change

Switch the position of your Bandit from

  1. The interior to the roof of the Car on which he's standing;
  2. or move his from the roof of the Car he's in to its interior

Running on the roof saves you time and enables you to evade the Marshal.


Move the Marshal inside the train a distance of one Car in the direction of your choice.

The Marshal is protecting the passengers: he never goes up on the roof.

Caution! When a Bandit enters a Car where the Marshal is, or when the Marshal enters a Car where Bandits are, they must escape up to the roof of the Car (even if they have just come down from there). A Bandit can never stay inside the Car where the Marshal is located.

Additionally, each one of those Bandits immediately receives a Neutral Bullet card which must be placed on each player's personal deck.


Choose one of your opponents to be your target and give him one of your Bullet cards. The targeted player places the Bullet card he has received on his deck.

You cannot target a Bandit who is on the same spot as you.

1. When you are inside the train, you can shoot a Bandit who is in the interior of an adjacent Car, either to the rear of your Car or ahead of it. Bandits who are more than one Car away cannot be shot.

2. When you are on the roof, however, you can shoot a Bandit who is in your Line of Sight and on the roof of any Car other than your own, regardless of the distance. A Bandit is in Line of Sight if there is no other Bandit between you and him. Two Bandits on the roof of the same Car are considered as being side by side, and not located one behind the other: you choose which one gets hit.

Ghost (White) can shoot Tuco (Red) or Cheyenne (Green), but not Doc (Blue). On the other hand, Tuco (Red) can shoot Ghost (White) or Doc (Blue), but not Cheyenne (Green), who is on the same spot as Tuco.

If there is no target to be shot, keep your Bullet card: the Fire action will have no effect. If you run out of Bullet cards during the game, your Fire actions will have no further effect.

When you shoot a Bandit, you give him one of your Bullet cards. This allows you to compete for the title of Gunslinger. More importantly, your Action will handicap your opponent for the rest of the game, since the Bullet cards are useless to the injured player. They are "dead cards" that will clog up his Hand.


Take the Loot token of your choice from the Car where you are currently located and place it face-down on your Character card.

If your Bandit is on the roof of a Car, he cannot rob inside it, and vice versa.

If there is no Loot where your Bandit is, then the Robbery action has no effect.


Choose a target among the Bandits who are on the same Car and same floor as you are.

The targeted Bandit loses a Loot token if he has one: choose a Loot token from his Character card and place it on the floor where your Bandit pawn is located. If you choose a Purse token, you are not allowed to look at its value.

Then, move the targeted Bandit to the same floor of an adjacent Car (either forwards or backwards, your choice in most of the Cars; backwards if you are in the Engine and forwards if you are in the Caboose).

Punching is a good way to make your opponent lose his bigger Loot. Moreover, he is so confused that his Stealin' plan may be disrupted.

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