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Intense Auctions

This variant changes Phase 2 of the game turn: Acquiring Event Asset Tokens.

In the variant, each player, in turn order, will have a chance to initiate a bidding round. Additionally, players who have already won one or more auctions during the phase may still participate in and bid, once the player initiating the auction changes.

This variant changes the auctions as follows:

  • The opening bid must be 8 coins or higher.
  • Moving clockwise each player can make a higher bid.
  • If a player steps out of the bidding round, she cannot rejoin the bidding for that market.
  • If the initiating player does not win the bidding round, and decides to restart another auction on a different market, the previous winner can no longer participate.
  • The market is not refilled until the initiating player wins a bidding round or decides to pass her turn.
  • If the winner of the bid is the initiating player, new Asset Tokens are placed on the empty market(s) and the next player becomes the initiating player. All players can now bid again following the same rules.
  • The phase ends when every player has had a chance to initiate a bidding round for that turn. Players may decide to pass on their chance to initiate biddings.

Here is an example with 3 players A, B and C.

Round 1: A Is The Initiating Player.
  • B wins the bidding
  • A initiates another bidding, B cannot participate, only A and C can take part. The m a rket is not refilled.
  • C wins the bidding.

We now have 2 empty markets; A decides to pass on his turn. The 2 empty markets are refilled.

Round 2: B Is The Initiating Player
  • B initiates the bidding in which A and C can participate.
  • A wins the bidding and can no longer take part in the next bidding initiated by B.
  • C wins the bidding
  • B is now alone and pays 8 coins to win one the 3 markets left for bid. The 3 markets are refilled.
Round 3: C Is The Initiating Player
  • C will initiate a bidding round in which A and B can participate as well.

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