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  • 1 tub of non-toxic clay
  • 300 word cards
  • 2 pawns
  • 10 colored scoring tokens
  • 1 numbered playing die
  • 1 45-second timer
  • 1 gameboard

Object of the Game

Be the first team to receive one each of five different colored scoring tokens.


Divide into two equal teams. Each team selects a color pawn and places it on one of the two corner starting squares. Place the timer and all 10 scoring tokens within reach of the game board.

Roll the die to determine order of play, with the lowest roll starting first.

Game Play

The team that goes first selects a team member to be the sculptor. (Players take turns sculpting each round). The sculptor rolls the die and moves the team's pawn out into the playing field.

The pawn may be moved only in a straight line and only in one direction per roll. No diagonal movement is allowed.

Note: If the number rolled is higher than the number of squares that its pawn can move, then the team must sculpt the object corresponding to the square it is already on.


The sculptor selects the first card from the box and looks at the word corresponding to the color square that her team's pawn landed on.

A player from the other team starts the timer and the sculptor attempts to shape the clay so that her teammates can identify the object named on the card.

The sculptor may not speak or make gestures while sculpting. However, she is allowed to animate the clay.

If any member of the sculptor's team identifies the object before the timer runs out, the team receives a scoring token corresponding to the colored square and play passes to the other team.

If the timer runs out before anyone on the team identifies the object, play simply passes to the other team.

Note: Each team must roll the die and move its pawn to a new square on every turn!

Defending Tokens

If a team lands on a colored square that matches a token it already has, the team must defend the token. If a team member guesses the object correctly, it keeps the token. If not, the token is returned to the pot.

All Clay

If a team lands on an All Clay square, both teams enter into a duel for the corresponding color token. Divide the clay equally and give half to the oppo- site team.

One sculptor from each team looks at the object on the card. When both teams are ready, someone starts the timer and both sculptors try to get their teams to guess the object.

The first team to correctly identify the object before the timer runs out gets the token according to the following guidelines:

  • If neither team already has the matching color token of the All Clay square:

    Result - Winning team gets token from pot.

  • If winning team does not have the matching color token of the All Clay square but losing team does:

    Result - Winning team steals token from losing team.

  • If both teams already have the match- ing color token of the All Clay square: Result - Losing team surrenders its token to the pot.

  • If winning team has the matching color token of the All Clay square but the losing team doesn't: Result - Winning team takes no tokens but gets another turn.

If neither team correctly guesses the object before the timer runs out, play passes to the other team.

End of the Game

When a team has collected four tokens, the only way to get the fifth and final token is to land on the corresponding All Clay square.

Play according to the rules above. The first team to collect all five color tokens wins.

Hints and Suggestions

You are NOT allowed to sculpt letters or numbers!

Before playing, it's a good idea to set guidelines for the following:

  • How precise an answer must be (For example, is bat an acceptable answer for baseball bat?)
  • How far you can go with animat- ing the clay.

Dough Notes

To keep dough pliable, put a teaspoon of water in the bottom of the container before storing the game.

In case your dough disappears, gets dirty or dries out, you can order a replacement by sending a check or money order for $3.00 (US) to the address to the right. Be sure to include your full name and address. Price includes shipping and handling.

Or, you can make your own Claymania Dough by following this simple recipe:


  • 1 Cup of Flour

  • 1/2 Cup Salt

  • 2 Teaspoons of cooking oil

  • 1 Cup Hot Water

  • 2 Teaspoons of Cream of Tartar Food Coloring (optional)

  • Mixing Bowl


  1. Mix the flour, salt, cooking oil and cream of tartar together in a medium sized mixing bowl.

  2. Mix a few drops of the food coloring with the water until you get the color you want.

  3. Add the water to the mixing bowl and mix everything together until the dough is smooth and the lumps are gone.

  4. Store in a sealed container or sealed plastic bag.

  5. To give the dough a nice smell, add a couple of drops of vanilla or peppermint extract.

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