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  • 42 city tiles (21 green, 21 orange)
  • 21 shape cards
  • 4 cityscape starter tiles
  • 2 city grids
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Go head-to-head with your opponent and see who can grow their city without going over the limits. Take turns drawing shape cards and simultaneously place the matching tiles into your city grids.

Whoever is able to fit their tiles without going over the edge of their grid wins.


Each player takes a city grid and 21 city tiles of the same color . Lay out your tiles in front of you so that they are easily identifiable.

Each player chooses one cityscape starter tile and places it roughly in the center of their city grids. (You may orient the tile in any direction, as long as it cover most of the center logo). Place the remaining two starter tiles out of play.

Shuffle the deck of shape cards and place it face down in the center of both players.

Game Play

  1. One player reveals the top shape card and then places it in a discard pile next to the draw pile.

  2. Both players should simultaneously find the tile that matches the shape on the card from their available tiles and fit it into their city grid.

Placement Rules

Tiles may be oriented in any direction, even flipped over.

Each new tile must be placed in such a way that at least one square touches at least one square of a tile already in play. Diagonals do not count.

The tile must entirely fit within the boundaries of the city grid.

Once a new shape card has been drawn, you may not move the tile just played.

End of the Game

Continue taking turns drawing cards and simultaneously placing city tiles until one of the following happens:

  1. One player cannot fit the matching tile into their city grid without going over the boundaries. In this case the other player wins the game.

  2. Neither player can fit the matching tile into their grids. In this case, whoever has the largest contiguous group of open squares wins. If it's a tie, count the second largest open group, and so on.

End Game Example:

In this game, neither player can play the tile shown.

Player 1 wins, since she has 13 contiguous open squares vs. Player 2, who has 6.


For a different game, try one of these alternate ways to play:

  1. Start with one of the unused cityscape starter tiles.

  2. Place the cityscape starter tile anywhere on the board at the beginning of the game.

  3. City Sprint: Set up the game as normal, except don't use the cards.

    On the shout of "Go!", both players simultaneously race to fill every square of their grids with their pieces, according to the Placement Rules. The first player to completely cover their grid wins.

  4. City Sprawl: Set up and play as normal, except ignore the rule about tiles needing to fit entirely within the city grid. Instead, just one square of any tile must fit.

    Game ends when one player has either filled every square of her grid or can no longer place a tile. Count the number of squares in each tile that lies over the boundary. Whoever has the lower total wins.

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