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You'll discover many eye-opening opportunities for great plays when- ever you play CirHKis, but here are some tips.

  1. Your Big Slice pieces are very valuable. Placing one inside a Circle assures you of 10 points should that Circle be completed.

  2. Stars are tougher to score because no playing piece fills more than two of the Star's five segments. If a Star is evenly divided among two opponents, you can score 5 points for completing it and they will each score zero!

  3. It is wise to complete a Circle or Star and gain its 5-point bonus even if an opponent scores 10 points, provided you are closer to victory than your opponent.

  4. Be careful not to set up a "5-point bonus" play for an opponent who has 35 points. He will win instantly, unless another player reaches 40 at the same time.

  5. It is wise to save your Arrows and Wedges for use late in the game.

  6. It is easier to gain a free turn along the edge of the board because there are fewer adjacent spaces.

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