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Rating: 3.8 Passable
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 45 minutes

Created by: Darrell Simmons

Published by: Awesome Games, Endless Games (I)


Cheater is a Rummy type game with one person having special powers. There are 4 suits of cards with the letters C, H, E, A, T, R on them. With 7 cards in hand the goal is to acquire the cards to spell CHEATER in one suit (color).

There are also special cards that allow you to search and take a card from someone else's hand, expose a players hand to all, make a player discard a variable amount of cards from their hand and protect you from other special cards. On your turn you roll 2 dice then draw a card then discard a card.

Special cards are used when you discard them. If you roll doubles you become the Cheater, of which there is only one at a time, which allows you to do one of the following in lieu of your normal turn.

1. Draw 2 cards and discard 2 cards.

2. Take the top card from the discard pile and discard a card.

3. Force a player to reveal their hand to everyone, draw a card from that player, and then discard a card.

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